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          44:03:01:08.06.  Equipment standards for dental X ray equipment. The standards for dental X ray equipment are as follows:


          (1)  The leakage radiation from the diagnostic source assembly measured at a distance of one meter in any direction from the source may not exceed 100 milliroentgens in one hour;


          (2)  The filtration or beam quality is considered adequate if the total in the beam is not less than the table below:


Operating Voltage vs. Total Filtration Required

(Total filtration = inherent plus added)



Operating Voltage

(Millimeters aluminum equivalent)



Below 70

1.5 millimeters

Above 70

2.5 millimeters


          (3)  Collimation of the beam shall be restricted to a maximum of three inches in diameter and may not have a pointed cone;


          (4)  Time accuracy shall be within five percent of the time set for any X ray equipment installed on or after August 1, 1974, and ten percent of time set for any equipment installed before August 1, 1974;


          (5)  Any deviation of a measured technique factor from an indicated value for kVp may not exceed any limit specified for that system by its manufacturer or, in the absence of any manufacturer's specifications, the deviation may not exceed ten percent of the indicated value for kVp;


          (6)  The exposure switch shall be located so the operator can stand at least six feet from the useful beam. If sufficient shielding is provided to protect the operator from stray radiation, the exposure switch may be located closer;


          (7)  The target to skin distance shall be at least seven inches;


          (8)  Any dental X ray equipment must operate with a kilovoltage of 60 kVp or higher;


          (9)  Any dental X ray machine must be maintained within manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.


          Source: 26 SDR 96, effective January 23, 2000.

          General Authority: SDCL 34-21-4.1, 34-21-15.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34-21-4.1, 34-21-15.


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