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          44:12:01:01.  Definitions. The terms used in this chapter mean:


          (1)  "Autoclave," a device for sterilization by steam, usually at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, for a specified length of time as determined by the manufacturer's instructions;


          (2)  "Communicable disease," a disease which is capable of being transmitted from person to person;


          (3)  "Department," the state Department of Health;


          (4)  "Disposable setup," a setup that consists of one liner tube, one shade tube, and a needle bar setup for the liner tube and the shade tube;


          (5)  "Minor," a person who is under the age of 18 years;


          (6)  "Patron," a person who receives a tattoo;


          (7)  "Permanent tattoo establishment," a building where tattooing is practiced on a year-round basis;


          (8)  "Tattoo artist," a person engaged in the practice of tattooing or microblading, or both;


          (9)  "Tattoo establishment," the building or structure where tattooing is practiced;


          (10)  "Tattooing," to make marks or designs into the skin by puncturing it and inserting indelible colors. Tattooing includes microblading and similar techniques used to partially or fully simulate natural hair;


          (11)  "Tattooing area," within a tattoo establishment, the immediate vicinity where tattooing is performed;


          (12)  "Temporary tattoo establishment," a building or structure where tattooing is practiced for not more than 30 days.


          Source: 19 SDR 64, effective November 3, 1992; 39 SDR 119, effective January 8, 2013; 45 SDR 31, effective September 10, 2018.

          General Authority: SDCL 34-1-17(8).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 9-34-17, 34-1-17(8).



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