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Chapters 44:12:01 and 44:12:02




SEE: ยงยง 44:12:01:20, 44:12:01:22, and 44:12:02:20




















          Source:  19 SDR 64, effective November 3, 1992; 22 SDR 16, effective August 14, 1995.






The following methods are approved for cleaning of environmental surfaces such as counter tops, floors, walls, chairs, and the open end of tattoo machines:


          (1)  Application of a quaternary ammonium germicidal detergent solution. Benzalkonium chloride is not acceptable. Dilutions must be according to the manufacturer's instructions.


          (2)  Application of phenolic germicidal detergent solution mixed according to the manufacturer's instruction. May cause skin irritation.


          (3)  Application of 100 ppm solution of chlorine. This requires a 1:500 dilution of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) which is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon bleach per quart of water. A minimum contact time of 10 minutes is required to be effective. This solution must be mixed fresh daily.


NOTE: If using spray bottles for application of these solutions, the following procedure must be followed: Each time the bottle needs refilling, any remaining old solution must be discarded, the bottle rinsed, and fresh solution poured into the spray bottle. Always label spray bottles with the name of the contents. Never add fresh solution to remaining old solution.


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