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CHAPTER 61:08:05



61:08:05:01        General safety requirements.

61:08:05:02        Operating and limit controls required.

61:08:05:03        Positive flame failure cutoff required.

61:08:05:04        Pressure gauge required.

61:08:05:05        Accurate temperature gauge required for water heater boilers.

61:08:05:06        Gauge glass required on steam boilers.

61:08:05:07        Low-water fuel cutoffs required.

61:08:05:08        Blowdown valves required.

61:08:05:09        Feed water valve and piping requirements.

61:08:05:10        Mounting requirements for steam pressure gauges.

61:08:05:11        Sizing of thermal expansion tanks.

61:08:05:12        Repealed.

61:08:05:13        Shutoff switch required.

61:08:05:14        Age limit of nonstandard boilers.

61:08:05:15        Age limit of boilers in excess of 30 inches with lap-riveted longitudinal joints.

61:08:05:16        Computation of maximum allowable working pressure -- Standard boilers.

61:08:05:17        Computation of maximum allowable working pressure -- Nonstandard boilers.

61:08:05:17.01   Tensile strength.

61:08:05:17.02   Crushing strength of mild steel.

61:08:05:17.03   Strength of rivets in shear.

61:08:05:17.04   Factors of safety.

61:08:05:18        Repealed.

61:08:05:19        Minimum safety factor for reinstalled boilers.

61:08:05:20        Safety valves required.

61:08:05:21        Placement of safety valves.

61:08:05:22        Safety and relief valve design.

61:08:05:23        Safety valve repair.

61:08:05:24        Safety valve capacity.

61:08:05:25 to 6:08:05:28Repealed.

61:08:05:29        Blowoff pipes and valves required.

61:08:05:30        Relief valves required with pressure reducing valves.

61:08:05:31        Pressure gauges required on low pressure side of reducing valves.

61:08:05:32        Automatic limiting devices required on steam and hot water heating boilers.

61:08:05:33        Individual control valves and drain valves required on low pressure steam boilers.

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