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CHAPTER 62:01:05



62:01:05:01       Election of trustees.

62:01:05:01.01  Terms of trustees.

62:01:05:01.02  Voting by employers.

62:01:05:01.03  Official election listing -- Voting by members.

62:01:05:01.04  Candidate restricted by official election listing.

62:01:05:01.05  Candidate from two represented groups.

62:01:05:02       Mailing notice of election and nominating petition.

62:01:05:03       Procedure for nomination -- Filing of member petition.

62:01:05:03.01  Procedure for nomination – Filing of employer petition.

62:01:05:04       Repealed.

62:01:05:05       Validity of nominating petition.

62:01:05:05.01  Special election newsletter -- Circulation -- Candidate biographies.

62:01:05:06       Preparation of ballots.

62:01:05:07       Mailing of ballots.

62:01:05:08       Validity of ballot.

62:01:05:09       Repealed.

62:01:05:09.01  No write-in candidates.

62:01:05:10       Issuance of new ballot.

62:01:05:11       Repealed.

62:01:05:12       Counting of ballots -- Void ballots.

62:01:05:13       Results of election.

62:01:05:14       Contest of election.

62:01:05:15       Storage of ballots.

62:01:05:16       Repealed.

62:01:05:17       Procedure when designated day falls on weekend or holiday.

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