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CHAPTER 62:01:07



62:01:07:01        Secretary to board -- Filing.

62:01:07:02        Inspection and correction of files.

62:01:07:03        Waiver of privilege.

62:01:07:04        Authorized agents.

62:01:07:05        Procedure for filling a vacancy on the board.

62:01:07:06        Beneficiary designated by qualified domestic relations order.

62:01:07:07        Prospective nature of qualified domestic relations orders.

62:01:07:08        Repealed.

62:01:07:09        Lump-sum payments subsequent to annuity payments.

62:01:07:09.01   Opportunity to rescind election of annuity payment option -- Overpayments.

62:01:07:09.02   Rollover of lump-sum distribution by inactive member.

62:01:07:10        Rollover of beneficiary payment by surviving spouse or other beneficiary.

62:01:07:11        (Effective through February 14, 2019) Elected official's period of participation -- Notice of nonparticipation or participation -- Presumption -- Appointed official.

62:01:07:11        (Effective February 15, 2019) Repealed.

62:01:07:12        Member repayment of overpayments -- Options -- Interest -- Delayed repayment -- Failure to select an option -- Required notice and presumption.

62:01:07:12.01   Repayment of overpayments by person other than member -- Options -- Interest -- Delayed repayment -- Failure to select an option -- Required notice and presumption.

62:01:07:13        Administration of additional survivor protection contributions and coverage.

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