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CHAPTER 64:07:01



64:07:01:01                                       Repealed.

64:07:01:01.01                                  Prime contractor engaged in realty improvement contracts.

64:07:01:01.02                                  Rural water systems -- Defined.

64:07:01:02                                       Gross receipts explained.

64:07:01:03 to 64:07:01:05                Repealed.

64:07:01:06                                       Real property repairs.

64:07:01:07 and 64:07:01:07.01  Repealed.

64:07:01:08                                       "Sweat equity."

64:07:01:09                                       Repealed.

64:07:01:10                                       Contractors to furnish information on subcontractors.

64:07:01:11                                       Contractors and subcontractors to furnish information on water development projects.

64:07:01:12                                       Tax return filing dates for contractors.

64:07:01:13                                       Contractors as consumers of construction supplies.

64:07:01:14                                       Furnishing of equipment.

64:07:01:15                                       Contracts with governmental agencies.

64:07:01:16                                       Construction equipment.

64:07:01:17                                       Gross receipts defined.

64:07:01:18                                       Repealed.

64:07:01:19                                       Bond.

64:07:01:20                                       Application of contractors' excise tax to projects involving items used to store and dispense fuel.

64:07:01:20.01                                  Installation of a fuel storage tank in a fuel storage and dispensing project.

64:07:01:20.02                                  Installation of piping in a fuel storage and dispensing project.

64:07:01:20.03                                  Installation of a canopy in a fuel storage and dispensing project.

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