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CHAPTER 64:28:03



64:28:03:01        Repealed.

64:28:03:02        Signature of owner required.

64:28:03:03        Repealed.

64:28:03:04        Damage disclosure statement.

64:28:03:04.01   Damage noted on titles prior to July 1, 1992, and prior to July 1, 1999.

64:28:03:04.02   Repealed.

64:28:03:04.03   Repealed.

64:28:03:04.04   Design and display of notice that discloses a salvage brand or other similar brand denoting damage to a vehicle.

64:28:03:05        Out-of-state "junking" title.

64:28:03:06        Transferred

64:28:03:07        Transferred.

64:28:03:08        Authorization of owner required.

64:28:03:09        Titling vehicles in both business and personal names of a licensed automobile dealer.

64:28:03:10        Repealed.

64:28:03:11        Odometer notation on certificates of title.

64:28:03:12        Determination of body type.

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