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CHAPTER 64:29:02



64:29:02:01                                       Repealed.

64:29:02:01.01                                  Contents of bill of sale.

64:29:02:02                                       Repealed.

64:29:02:03                                       License issued when requirements are met -- Tax paid.

64:29:02:03.01 and 64:29:02:03.02    Repealed.

64:29:02:03.03                                  Application for excise tax refund by purchaser.

64:29:02:04                                       Receipt required for refunds.

64:29:02:04.01                                  Tangible personal property allowed as trade-in on motor vehicles.

64:29:02:04.02                                  Solid waste management fee -- Exclusions.

64:29:02:04.03                                  Refunds not authorized by law.

64:29:02:04.04                                  Proof of value of insurance check.

64:29:02:05 to 64:29:02:07                Repealed.

64:29:02:08                                       Proof of payment of taxes for reciprocity.

64:29:02:09 to 64:29:02:13                Repealed.

64:29:02:14                                       Trade-in allowance.

64:29:02:15 to 64:29:01:17                Repealed.

64:29:02:18                                       Mobile home and manufactured home consignment sales.

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