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CHAPTER 64:75:04



64:75:04:01        Scope of chapter.

64:75:04:02        Terms of payment.

64:75:04:03        Check as payment.

64:75:04:04        Bad checks.

64:75:04:05        Retail delinquency.

64:75:04:06        Granting financial assistance to licensees.

64:75:04:07        Repealed.

64:75:04:08        Repealed.

64:75:04:09        Commercial bribery.

64:75:04:10        Alcoholic beverages as samples -- Consumer advertising specialties.

64:75:04:11        Repealed.

64:75:04:12        Sale and delivery in entirety.

64:75:04:13        Advertising.

64:75:04:14        Certain inducements prohibited.

64:75:04:15        Repealed

64:75:04:16        Repealed.

64:75:04:17        Miscellaneous disposition of alcoholic beverages.

64:75:04:18        New placement items -- Special marking required.

64:75:04:19        Prohibited without special marking.

64:75:04:20        Invoicing of samples.

64:75:04:21        Authorized bottle and container sizes.

64:75:04:22        Repealed.

64:75:04:23        Drop shipment to retailers.

64:75:04:24        Group wine tasting.

64:75:04:25        Claim of loss by wholesalers.

64:75:04:26        Exchange of products.

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