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CHAPTER 67:10:01



67:10:01:01       Definitions.

67:10:01:02       Certain children eligible for assistance.

67:10:01:03       Signed application.

67:10:01:04       Individuals who must be included in assistance unit -- Option for Indian stepparent or child in foster care.

67:10:01:05       Individuals ineligible for assistance.

67:10:01:06       Specific degree of relationship between child and parent or relative.

67:10:01:07       Citizenship and alienage.

67:10:01:08       Assistance for qualified alien.

67:10:01:09       Residency.

67:10:01:10       Child considered to be living with caretaker relative if attending boarding school or treatment program.

67:10:01:11       Temporary absence of child -- Caretaker relative required to notify department.

67:10:01:12       Mandatory participation in work activities.

67:10:01:13       Individual ineligible if convicted of certain offenses.

67:10:01:14       Eligibility restrictions for a parent under age 18.

67:10:01:15       Exceptions to eligibility requirements for parents under age 18.

67:10:01:16       Assistance unit ineligible after 60 months.

67:10:01:16.01  Hardship criteria for assistance unit ineligible after 60 months.

67:10:01:17       Applicants or recipients to take advantage of all income and resources.

67:10:01:18       Method of determining initial and continuing eligibility.

67:10:01:19       Applicant to provide information promptly.

67:10:01:20       Determination of eligibility within 30 days.

67:10:01:21       Date financial assistance begins.

67:10:01:22       Assistance denied or terminated if caseworker cannot locate recipient or applicant.

67:10:01:23       Assistance unit to report change of circumstances.

67:10:01:24       Full determination of continuing eligibility.

67:10:01:25       Individual to supply necessary information.

67:10:01:26       Individual to supply third-party liability information -- Penalty.

67:10:01:27       Good cause for refusing to cooperate.

67:10:01:28       Good cause -- Individual to provide timely evidence -- Extensions -- Failure to respond.

67:10:01:29       Evidence of good cause.

67:10:01:30       Criteria for basing good cause on emotional harm.

67:10:01:31       Department to investigate good cause claims.

67:10:01:32       Departmental contact with absent parent.

67:10:01:33       Department to determine good cause and notify individual -- Contents of notice.

67:10:01:34       Biannual redetermination of good cause -- Notice of rescindment.

67:10:01:35       Availability of information.

67:10:01:35.01  Release of confidential information.

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