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67:12:01            Assistance applications and eligibility.

67:12:02            Notice to applicants and recipients.

67:12:03            Fair hearings, Transferred.

67:12:04            Limitations on real property.

67:12:05            Limitations on personal property.

67:12:06            Budgeting.

67:12:07            Emergency assistance, Repealed.

67:12:08            Protective, vendor, or two-party payments, Repealed.

67:12:09            Job opportunities and basic skills, Repealed.

67:12:10            Food stamp program, Transferred.

67:12:11                   Refugee resettlement program, Repealed.

67:12:12            Dependent children foster care.

67:12:13            Repatriate program.

67:12:14            Optional state supplemental program.

67:12:15            Dependent care.

67:12:16            Transitional child care, Repealed.

67:12:17            Transitional medical benefits, Repealed.

67:12:18            Unemployed parent program.

67:12:19            Intentional program violations (IPVs), Repealed.

67:12:20            Transitional employment allowance, Repealed.

67:12:21            Time limits for AFDC benefits, Repealed.

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