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CHAPTER 67:12:01



67:12:01:01                                       Definitions.

67:12:01:02                                       Application -- Inquiry.

67:12:01:03                                       Signed application.

67:12:01:03.01                                  Client has right to be assisted or represented.

67:12:01:04                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:05                                       Method of determining initial and continuing eligibility.

67:12:01:06                                       Determination of eligibility within 45 days.

67:12:01:06.01                                  Applicant to provide information promptly.

67:12:01:07                                       Prompt determination of continuing eligibility.

67:12:01:08                                       Proper application of time standards.

67:12:01:09                                       Case record to contain facts on eligibility decisions.

67:12:01:10                                       Applicants to be informed in writing and orally.

67:12:01:11                                       Date entitlement for financial assistance begins.

67:12:01:12                                       Recipient to report change of circumstances.

67:12:01:12.01                                  Repealed.

67:12:01:13                                       Full determination of continuing eligibility.

67:12:01:14                                       Citizenship and alienage.

67:12:01:14.01                                  Deeming of sponsor's income and resources to alien when sponsor is an individual -- Cooperation of sponsor is condition of eligibility.

67:12:01:14.02                                  Aliens exempt from sponsor deeming.

67:12:01:14.03                                  Eligibility of alien sponsored by public or private organization or agency -- Cooperation of sponsor is condition of eligibility.

67:12:01:15                                       Determination of residence of child in AFDC program.

67:12:01:16                                       Residence determination for applicants or recipients who leave the state.

67:12:01:17                                       Eligibility of applicant or recipient who receives assistance from another state.

67:12:01:18                                       Termination to result if caseworker cannot locate recipient applicant.

67:12:01:19                                       Age requirements for AFDC.

67:12:01:20                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:21                                       "Regularly attending school" defined.

67:12:01:22                                       "Full-time" and "half-time" student defined.

67:12:01:23                                       Medical-only coverage for certain children and pregnant women.

67:12:01:23.01 and 67:12:01:24  Repealed.

67:12:01:25                                       Beginning of eligibility when only year of birth known.

67:12:01:26                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:27                                       Specific degree of relationship between child and parent or relative.

67:12:01:28                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:29                                       Deprivation of parental support or care because of continued absence from the home.

67:12:01:30                                       Absence of parent because of employment, seeking employment, or attending school.

67:12:01:31                                       Absence of parent due to hospitalization, imprisonment, and deportation.

67:12:01:32                                       Absence of parent due to uniformed service.

67:12:01:33                                       Absence of parent if mother not married to father of child.

67:12:01:34                                       Absence of parent due to divorce or separate maintenance decrees.

67:12:01:35                                       Absence of parent by mutual agreement of separation.

67:12:01:36                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:37                                       Absence of parent in unstable family situation.

67:12:01:38                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:39                                       Deprivation of parental support or care because of physical or mental incapacity of parent.

67:12:01:40                                       Determination of incapacity by disability/incapacity consultation team.

67:12:01:41                                       Definition of "physical or mental incapacity."

67:12:01:42                                       Patient's consent for release of medical information.

67:12:01:43                                       Medical examinations if information not available -- Choice of examiners.

67:12:01:44                                       Psychiatric reports and records from mental hospital may be sufficient.

67:12:01:45                                       Basis for payments for medical examinations and reports -- Authorization required for intensive procedures.

67:12:01:46                                       Incapacity related to ability to carry full-time job.

67:12:01:47                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:48                                       Parents receiving disability payments under other programs.

67:12:01:48.01                                  Eligibility of parents participating in vocational rehabilitation training programs.

67:12:01:49                                       Cessation of incapacity.

67:12:01:50                                       Temporary absence of child or payee relative.

67:12:01:51                                       Emergency payee.

67:12:01:52                                       Unsuitable home.

67:12:01:53                                       Man not married to mother and living in household.

67:12:01:54                                       Inclusion of caretaker relative other than parent in AFDC grant.

67:12:01:55                                       Eligibility of second parent in AFDC grant.

67:12:01:56                                       Repealed.

67:12:01:57                                       Confidentiality of client's records.

67:12:01:58 and 67:12:01:59       Repealed.

67:12:01:60                                       Date of entitlement for medical coverage.

67:12:01:61                                       Transferred.

67:12:01:61.01                                  Continued medical coverage -- Child support.

67:12:01:61.02                                  Transferred.

67:12:01:62.                                      Incapacity based on blindness or visual impairment -- Medical findings required.

67:12:01:63 to 67:12:01:65                Repealed.

67:12:01:66                                       Cooperation of caretaker relative as condition of eligibility.

67:12:01:66.01                                  Cooperation of applicant or recipient not required.

67:12:01:66.02                                  Applicant or recipient to establish good cause.

67:12:01:66.03                                  Applicant or recipient to provide timely evidence -- Extensions -- Failure to respond.

67:12:01:66.04                                  Evidence of good cause.

67:12:01:66.05                                  Department to investigate good cause claims.

67:12:01:66.06                                  Additional evidence may be required.

67:12:01:66.07                                  Departmental contact with absent parent.

67:12:01:66.08                                  Department to determine good cause and notify applicant or recipient -- Contents of notice.

67:12:01:66.09                                  Appeal of good cause determination.

67:12:01:66.10                                  Criteria for basing good cause on emotional harm.

67:12:01:66.11                                  Biannual redetermination of good cause -- Notice of rescindment.

67:12:01:67 and 67:12:01:68       Repealed.

67:12:01:69                                       Individuals who must be included in assistance unit.

67:12:01:70                                       Cooperation of applicant or recipient.

67:12:01:71                                       Denial of AFDC benefits to strikers.

67:12:01:72                                       Pregnant women referred to Department of Health.

67:12:01:73                                       Assistance unit randomly assigned to groups.

67:12:01:74                                       Eligibility determinations for assigned groups.

67:12:01:75                                       Eligibility restrictions for a parent under age 18.

67:12:01:76                                       Exceptions to eligibility requirements for parents under age 18.

67:12:01:77                                       Denial of assistance for fugitive felons and probation and parole violators.

67:12:01:78                                       Denial of assistance for fraudulently misrepresenting place of residence.

67:12:01:79                                       Assistance unit ineligible after 60 months.

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