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CHAPTER 67:12:05



67:12:05:01                                Definitions.

67:12:05:02                                Sale, transfer, or assignment of personal property.

67:12:05:03 and 67:12:05:04  Repealed.

67:12:05:05                                Maximum resource limit.

67:12:05:05.01                           Repealed.

67:12:05:06                                Tangible personal property considered a resource.

67:12:05:07                                Bank account considered liquid asset.

67:12:05:08                                Savings bond considered liquid asset.

67:12:05:09                                Life insurance considered a resource.

67:12:05:09.01                           Prepaid burial contracts.

67:12:05:09.02                           Burial spaces excluded from resources.

67:12:05:10                                Personal property held in trust considered a resource.

67:12:05:11                                Repealed.

67:12:05:12                                Earned income from business.

67:12:05:13                                Repealed.

67:12:05:14                                Earned income exemption for AFDC.

67:12:05:15                                Reserves accumulated from earnings.

67:12:05:16                                Treatment of tax refunds.

67:12:05:16.01                           Treatment of earned income tax credit.

67:12:05:17                                Repealed.

67:12:05:18                                Standard earned income deduction.

67:12:05:19                                Repealed.

67:12:05:20                                Farming or other self-employment business expenses as deductions from income.

67:12:05:21                                Dependent care disregard from earnings -- Employed caretaker relatives.

67:12:05:22                                Alimony and child support paid by member of assistance unit considered exempt income.

67:12:05:22.01                           Repealed.

67:12:05:23                                Supplementary medical insurance benefit premiums as deductible from available income.

67:12:05:24                                Foster care payment not considered as available income.

67:12:05:25                                Consideration of JOBS participant's income.

67:12:05:26                                Repealed.

67:12:05:27                                Exemption of vocational rehabilitation training allowances.

67:12:05:28                                Educational grants, stipends, or loans insured by commissioner of education not considered available income.

67:12:05:29                                Scholarships, grants, awards, and loans for educational purposes.

67:12:05:29.01                           Treatment of moneys received under a college work-study program.

67:12:05:29.02                           Treatment of loans.

67:12:05:30                                Repealed.

67:12:05:31                                Food stamp coupon allotment not considered available income.

67:12:05:32                                Value of federal donated commodities not considered available income.

67:12:05:33                                Payment received under the Relocation Act not considered available income.

67:12:05:34                                Use of earned income exemption in determining eligibility and computing the assistance payment.

67:12:05:35                                Repealed.

67:12:05:36                                Determining continuing eligibility.

67:12:05:37                                Repealed.

67:12:05:38                                Application of child's earned income.

67:12:05:39 to 67:12:05:43         Repealed.

67:12:05:44                                Real or personal property income or profits of applicants or recipients of AFDC.

67:12:05:45                                Real or personal property income or profits of parents of dependent children.

67:12:05:46                                Repealed.

67:12:05:47                                Interest from savings.

67:12:05:48                                Tips considered.

67:12:05:49                                Periodic and lease income considered.

67:12:05:50                                Repealed.

67:12:05:51                                Individuals excluded from assistance unit -- Nondependent household members.

67:12:05:52                                Treatment of income from nonrecipient.

67:12:05:52.01                           Consideration of income of parent of minor parent.

67:12:05:53                                Repealed.

67:12:05:54                                Proceeds from life insurance.

67:12:05:55                                Repealed.

67:12:05:56                                Applicants or recipients to take advantage of all resources.

67:12:05:57                                Benefits to children and adults derived from government sources.

67:12:05:58                                Repealed.

67:12:05:59                                Treatment of lump sum income.

67:12:05:60                                County welfare funds or BIA general assistance grants.

67:12:05:61                                Benefits derived from private sources.

67:12:05:61.01                           Income received as gift.

67:12:05:62                                Income received by volunteers in the retired senior volunteer program, foster grandparent program, and older Americans community service program.

67:12:05:63                                Repealed.

67:12:05:64                                Judgment funds paid to Blackfeet Tribe and Gros Ventre Tribe of Montana.

67:12:05:65                                Indian judgment funds pursuant to Pub. L. No. 93-134.

67:12:05:66                                Exclusion of payments received pursuant to Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

67:12:05:67 to 67:12:05:70         Repealed.

67:12:05:71                                Exclusion of payments received as volunteer under Title I (VISTA).

67:12:05:72                                Exclusion of value of supplemental food assistance.

67:12:05:73                                Payments received as volunteer under Titles II and III.

67:12:05:74                                Exclusion of dependent child's income received from JTPA summer youth program.

67:12:05:75                                Exclusion of agent orange settlement payments.

67:12:05:76                                Exclusion of vehicle owned by dependent child.

67:12:05:77                                Exclusion of savings account owned by dependent child.

67:12:05:78                                Interest from child's savings account excluded.

67:12:05:79                                Exclusion of dependent child's earnings.

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