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CHAPTER 67:14:31



67:14:31:01 to 67:14:31:04              Transferred.

67:14:31:05                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:06 to 67:14:31:08              Transferred.

67:14:31:09                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:10 to 67:14:31:12              Transferred.

67:14:31:13                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:14 to 67:14:31:20              Transferred.

67:14:31:21                                       Definitions.

67:14:31:22 and 67:14:31:22.01      Repealed.

67:14:31:23                                       Persons eligible for alternative care services.

67:14:31:24                                       Need for continued alternative care to be determined by the permanency planning review team or court -- Permanency planning reviews.

67:14:31:25                                       Extension of alternative care service to children after age 18.

67:14:31:26                                       Reimbursement for family foster care, group care, residential treatment, and intensive residential treatment.

67:14:31:27 to 67:14:31:31              Repealed.

67:14:31:32                                       Time limit on receipt of claims for foster care.

67:14:31:33                                       Child's own funds in financing foster care.

67:14:31:34 and 67:14:31:37           Repealed.

67:14:31:38                                       Payments for personal needs of children in foster care.

67:14:31:39                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:40                                       Computation of days in care.

67:14:31:41 to 67:14:31:50              Repealed.

67:14:31:51                                       School transportation expenses paid.

67:14:31:52                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:53                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:54                                       Payment of out-of-state foster care.

67:14:31:55                                       Authorization required for relocation.

67:14:31:56                                       Authorization of out-of-state placements.

67:14:31:56.01                                  Placement in out-of-state group care or residential treatment center.

67:14:31:57                                       Repealed

67:14:31:58                                       Repealed.

67:14:31:59                                       Permanency hearings in state court.

67:14:31:59.01                                  Dispositional hearings in tribal court.

67:14:31:60                                       Attempt made to keep child in school of origin.

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