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CHAPTER 67:14:32



67:14:32:01                                Definition of adoption.

67:14:32:02 to 67:14:32:05.02    Repealed.

67:14:32:05.03                           Screening for substantiated reports or convictions of abuse and neglect.

67:14:32:05.04                           Repealed.

67:14:32:05.05                           Application denied if criminal record check detects certain crimes.

67:14:32:06                                Transferred.

67:14:32:07                                Repealed.

67:14:32:08                                General qualifications for adoptive applicants.

67:14:32:09                                Physical health standards required of applicant and applicant's family.

67:14:32:09.01                           Repealed.

67:14:32:10                                Approval or denial of adoption application for children in department custody -- Notice.

67:14:32:11                                Closing of application.

67:14:32:11.01                           Adoptive study.

67:14:32:11.02 to 67:14:32:12    Repealed.

67:14:32:13                                Termination of adoptive study.

67:14:32:14                                Children shall be placed in approved adoptive homes.

67:14:32:15                                Department shall supervise placement.

67:14:32:16                                Children eligible for placement.

67:14:32:17                                Filing of petition.

67:14:32:18 and 67:14:32:19  Repealed.

67:14:32:20                                Confidential information.

67:14:32:21 and 67:14:32:22  Repealed.

67:14:32:23 and 67:14:32:24  Transferred.

67:14:32:24.01 to 67:14:32:29    Repealed.

67:14:32:30                                Training and development.

67:14:32:31                                Fair hearing.

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