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CHAPTER 67:46:05



67:46:05:01        Definitions.

67:46:05:02        Value of liquid resources.

67:46:05:03        Value of nonliquid resources.

67:46:05:04        Determining fair market value.

67:46:05:05        Absence of a resource regulation.

67:46:05:06        Disposal of resources for purposes of establishing eligibility.

67:46:05:06.01   Disposal of assets -- Look-back periods.

67:46:05:07        Return of transferred resource.

67:46:05:08        Life estate value.

67:46:05:08.01   Life estates purchased in another individual's home.

67:46:05:09        Calculating period of ineligibility.

67:46:05:09.01   Repealed.

67:46:05:09.02   Ineligibility if assets transferred.

67:46:05:09.03   Repealed.

67:46:05:10        Period of ineligibility waived under certain circumstances.

67:46:05:11        Rebuttal of intent to transfer.

67:46:05:12        Compensation for resource.

67:46:05:13        Repealed.

67:46:05:14        Repealed.

67:46:05:15        Home property exclusion.

67:46:05:16        Transfer of home property not affecting eligibility.

67:46:05:17        Transfer of property not affecting eligibility.

67:46:05:18        Temporary absence from home property.

67:46:05:19        Home property abandonment.

67:46:05:20        Real property held in trust.

67:46:05:21        Nonbusiness income-producing property.

67:46:05:22        Nonbusiness property used to produce goods or services.

67:46:05:23        Property representing governmental authority.

67:46:05:24        Trade or business property.

67:46:05:25        Repealed.

67:46:05:26        Other property.

67:46:05:27        Conversion or sale of recipient's resource.

67:46:05:28        Sale price paid in installments.

67:46:05:29        Conversion of recipient's excludable resource.

67:46:05:30        Resource limit.

67:46:05:31        Personal property excluded from resources.

67:46:05:32        Trust considered a resource.

67:46:05:32.01   Establishment of trust.

67:46:05:32.02   Consideration of revocable and irrevocable trusts.

67:46:05:32.03   Trusts excepted from consideration as a resource.

67:46:05:32.04   Trust waived under certain circumstances.

67:46:05:32.05   Trustee required to provide annual accounting.

67:46:05:33        Medicaid-qualifying trust.

67:46:05:33.01   Medicaid income trust.

67:46:05:34        Resource available under Medicaid-qualifying trust.

67:46:05:35        Bank accounts.

67:46:05:36        Savings bonds.

67:46:05:37        Life insurance.

67:46:05:38        Stocks, notes, loans, and mortgages.

67:46:05:39        Irrevocable prepaid burial contracts.

67:46:05:40        Income not spent in month received.

67:46:05:41        Distinguishing resources from income.

67:46:05:42        Resources considered.

67:46:05:43        Time of resource eligibility determination.

67:46:05:44        Burial spaces excluded from resources.

67:46:05:45        Separate burial funds excluded from resources.

67:46:05:46        Increase in value of excluded burial funds.

67:46:05:47        Reductions to separate burial funds.

67:46:05:48        Repealed.

67:46:05:49        Retroactive SSI and retroactive retirement, survivors, and disability income payments.

67:46:05:50        Exclusion of agent orange settlement payments.

67:46:05:51        Assets held in common with another person.

67:46:05:52        Disclosure of annuities.

67:46:05:53        Annuities -- Department becomes remainder beneficiary.

67:46:05:54        Repealed.

67:46:05:55        Treatment of admission or entrance fee of applicant or recipient residing in continuing care retirement or life care community.

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