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CHAPTER 67:47:01



67:47:01:01       Definitions.

67:47:01:02       Application for child care services.

67:47:01:03       Child care services available for certain children.

67:47:01:03.01  Time requirements for work and education -- Exceptions.

67:47:01:03.02  Child care assistance for recipient working at night.

67:47:01:03.03  Determination of incapacity and inability to provide child care.

67:47:01:04       Required documentation.

67:47:01:05       Income eligibility.

67:47:01:05.01  Adjustment to gross earned income.

67:47:01:06       Deadline for determining eligibility -- Beginning date of eligibility.

67:47:01:07       Notice to household -- Issuance of child care certificate.

67:47:01:08       Household required to participate in child care costs.

67:47:01:08.01  Family pays costs when lump sum income exceeds federal poverty level.

67:47:01:09       Ineligibility when household fails to make copayments.

67:47:01:09.01  Cooperation with Division of Child Support as condition of eligibility.

67:47:01:10       Maximum rates payable for child care service costs.

67:47:01:10.01  Repealed.

67:47:01:10.02  Maximum rates payable for family day care provider choosing to care for infants and toddlers and limit the number of children in care to six or less.

67:47:01:10.03  Repealed.

67:47:01:10.04  Repealed.

67:47:01:11       Provider eligibility.

67:47:01:11.01  Time limits for meeting provider eligibility requirements -- Beginning date of payment.

67:47:01:12       Access of recipient to child.

67:47:01:13       Requirements for relative provider.

67:47:01:13.01  Requirements for an in-home or informal provider.

67:47:01:14       Repealed.

67:47:01:15       Provider's portion of child care certificate -- Completion of request for payment form required for payment -- Provider to bill usual and customary charge.

67:47:01:16       Payment of benefits.

67:47:01:17       Repealed.

67:47:01:18       Household to report change in circumstances.

67:47:01:19       Redetermination of eligibility and copayment.

67:47:01:20       Financial complaints.

67:47:01:21       Repealed.

67:47:01:22       Recovery of overpayments.

67:47:01:23       Repealed.

67:47:01:24       Department may withhold payments.

67:47:01:25       Department to investigate report -- Notice of action -- Review -- Final determination.

67:47:01:25.01  Overpayments -- Hearings -- Payments made pending hearing.

67:47:01:26       Verification.

67:47:01:27       Certain individuals ineligible to receive child care assistance.

67:47:01:28       Continuance of child care assistance pending fair hearing decision.

67:47:01:29       Department to maintain waiting list.

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