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CHAPTER 70:04:02



70:04:02:01        Definitions.

70:04:02:02        Construction, erection, and maintenance of panels and supplemental panels.

70:04:02:03        Location of panels -- Exception.

70:04:02:04        Repealed.

70:04:02:05        Repealed.

70:04:02:06        Composition of panels.

70:04:02:07        Repealed.

70:04:02:08        Composition of supplemental panels.

70:04:02:09        Order of location of supplemental panels.

70:04:02:10        Location of qualifying business.

70:04:02:11        Number of panels allowed.

70:04:02:12        Number of supplemental panels allowed.

70:04:02:12.01   Order of priority of panel types.

70:04:02:13        Number of business signs on panels.

70:04:02:14        Number of business signs on supplemental panels.

70:04:02:15        Combination of business signs on panel or supplemental panel.

70:04:02:16        Composition, fabrication, and size of business signs.

70:04:02:17        Minimum eligibility requirements for services for motorists.

70:04:02:18        Application procedure for business sign permit.

70:04:02:19        Annual rental fees.

70:04:02:20        Furnishing, repairing, and installation of business signs.

70:04:02:21        Masking or removal of business signs.

70:04:02:22        Causes for revocation of permit -- Penalty.

70:04:02:23        Trailblazing signs.

70:04:02:24        Furnishing, repairing, and installation of trailblazing business signs.

Appendix A       Figure 1 - Business signs.

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