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CHAPTER 74:04:12



74:04:12:01        Definitions.

74:04:12:02        Public water systems subject to provisions of this chapter.

74:04:12:03        Variances and exemptions.

74:04:12:04        General monitoring requirements.

74:04:12:05        Initial monitoring.

74:04:12:06        Reliably and consistently less than the maximum contaminant level.

74:04:12:07        Subpart B -- Maximum contaminant levels for chemicals.

74:04:12:08        Subpart C -- Monitoring and analytical requirements.

74:04:12:09        Monitoring and analytical requirements -- Certified laboratories.

74:04:12:10        Waiver of time limit for total coliform sampling.

74:04:12:11        Waiver of requirement to take five routine samples the month after a total coliform positive sample.

74:04:12:12        Invalidation of total coliform samples

74:04:12:13        IOCs -- Waivers for monitoring.

74:04:12:14        Asbestos -- Waivers for monitoring.

74:04:12:15        SOCs -- Waivers for monitoring.

74:04:12:16        VOCs -- Waivers for monitoring.

74:04:12:17        Subpart D -- Reporting and recordkeeping.

74:04:12:18        Reports and recordkeeping by the department.

74:04:12:19        Subpart E -- Special regulation monitoring requirements.

74:04:12:20        Subpart F -- Maximum contaminant level goals and maximum residual disinfection level goals.

74:04:12:21        Subpart G -- Maximum contaminant levels and maximum residual disinfectant levels.

74:04:12:22        Subpart H -- Filtration and disinfection.

74:04:12:23        Distribution system residual disinfectant concentration sampling plans for systems that also use groundwater.

74:04:12:24        Subpart I -- Control of lead and copper.

74:04:12:25        Control of lead and copper -- Designation of optimal corrosion control.

74:04:12:26        Subpart J - Use of non-centralized treatment devices.

74:04:12:27        Subpart K -- Treatment techniques for acrylamide and epichlorohydrin.

74:04:12:28        Subpart L -- Disinfectant residuals, disinfection byproducts, and disinfection byproduct precursors.

74:04:12:29        Approved use of DPD colorimetric test kit.

74:04:12:30        Subpart P -- Enhanced filtration and disinfection -- Systems serving 10,000 or more people.

74:04:12:31        Enhanced filtration and disinfection -- Composite correction program requirements.

74:04:12:32        Subpart Q -- Public notification of drinking water violation.

74:04:12:33        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Violation categories and other situations.

74:04:12:34        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Who must be notified -- Special circumstances.

74:04:12:35        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Tier 1 public notice -- Frequency.

74:04:12:36        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Tier 1 public notice -- Form and manner.

74:04:12:37        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Additional Tier 2 public notice categories.

74:04:12:38        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Public notification made by department.

74:04:12:39        Public notification of drinking water violation -- Reports and recordkeeping by department.

74:04:12:40        Subpart T -- Enhanced filtration and disinfection -- Systems serving fewer than 10,000 people.

74:04:12:41        Subpart O -- Consumer confidence reports.

74:04:12:42        Consumer confidence reports -- Governor's waiver.

74:04:12:43        Consumer confidence reports -- Reports available from department.

74:04:12:44        Consumer confidence reports -- Recordkeeping by department.

74:04:12:45        Consumer confidence reports -- Reporting of violations.

74:04:12:46        Subpart S -- Ground water rule.

74:04:12:47        Subpart U -- Initial distribution system evaluations.

74:04:12:48        Subpart V -- Stage 2 disinfection byproducts requirements.

74:04:12:49        Subpart W -- Enhanced treatment for cryptosporidium.

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