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CHAPTER 74:12:02



74:12:02:01        Requirements to drill, deepen, or reenter for oil or gas.

74:12:02:02        Requirements to drill a directional or horizontal well.

74:12:02:03        Failure to commence drilling cancels permit -- Extensions.

74:12:02:04        Minimum spacing of oil wells.

74:12:02:05        Minimum spacing of gas wells.

74:12:02:06        Spacing of wells after discovery of oil or gas.

74:12:02:07        Dissolution of abandoned oil or gas fields.

74:12:02:08        Secretary authorized to approve exception location.

74:12:02:09        Identification sign required at each well.

74:12:02:10        Pit construction and reclamation.

74:12:02:11        Oil, gas, and water strata required to be sealed.

74:12:02:12        Procedures for setting surface casing and production casing.

74:12:02:13        Operators to seal off or plug wells with defective casings or cement.

74:12:02:14        Blowout prevention equipment required.

74:12:02:15        Vertical deviation test.

74:12:02:16        Wellhead pressure testing equipment.

74:12:02:17        Well logs, completion/recompletion reports, and sundry notice reports to be filed with secretary.

74:12:02:18        Cores and samples required to be sent to the state geologist.

74:12:02:19        Hydraulic fracturing reporting requirements.

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