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CHAPTER 74:36:05



74:36:05:01                                Applicability.

74:36:05:02                                Part 70 operating permit required.

74:36:05:03                                Sources required to obtain a Part 70 operating permit.

74:36:05:03.01                           Repealed.

74:36:05:04                                Sources exempt from obtaining a Part 70 operating permit.

74:36:05:04.01                           Insignificant activities.

74:36:05:05                                Transferred.

74:36:05:06                                Standard for issuance of a Part 70 permit.

74:36:05:06.01                           Fees required for operating permit.

74:36:05:07                                Time period for operating permits and renewals.

74:36:05:08                                Timely and complete application for operating permit required.

74:36:05:09                                Complete application.

74:36:05:10                                Transferred.

74:36:05:11                                Transferred.

74:36:05:12                                Required contents of complete application.

74:36:05:13                                Applicant required to supplement or correct application.

74:36:05:14                                Repealed.

74:36:05:15                                Deadline for final action on permit application.

74:36:05:16                                Statement of basis for recommended permit conditions.

74:36:05:16.01                           Operating permit requirements.

74:36:05:17                                Public participation in permitting process.

74:36:05:18                                Public and affected state review of draft permit.

74:36:05:19                                Transferred.

74:36:05:20                                Repealed.

74:36:05:20.01                           Final permit decision -- Notice to interested persons.

74:36:05:20.02                           Petitions for contested case hearing.

74:36:05:20.03                           EPA review of Part 70 operating permit.

74:36:05:21                                EPA objection to issuance of operating permit.

74:36:05:21.01                           Department response to EPA objection.

74:36:05:22                                Department failure to meet EPA objection deadline.

74:36:05:23                                Public petition to EPA on the final permit.

74:36:05:24                                Repealed.

74:36:05:25                                Transferred

74:36:05:26                                Transferred

74:36:05:27                                Transferred.

74:36:05:28                                Permit expiration.

74:36:05:29                                Permit renewal.

74:36:05:30                                Permit flexibility.

74:36:05:31                                Permit amendment -- Application required.

74:36:05:32                                Administrative permit amendment required.

74:36:05:33                                Procedure for administrative permit amendments.

74:36:05:34                                Minor permit amendment required.

74:36:05:35                                Requirements for minor permit amendments.

74:36:05:36                                Application for minor permit amendment.

74:36:05:37                                Notification of EPA and affected states required.

74:36:05:38                                Department deadline to approve minor permit amendment.

74:36:05:39                                Permit modifications.

74:36:05:39.01                           Alternative permit modification procedure.

74:36:05:40                                Reopening operating permit for cause.

74:36:05:41                                Procedures to reopen permit.

74:36:05:42                                Reopening permit for cause by EPA.

74:36:05:43                                EPA review of proposed determination.

74:36:05:44                                Department failure to submit proposed determination.

74:36:05:45                                Repealed.

74:36:05:46                                Permit termination, modification, revocation, and reissuance by department.

74:36:05:47                                Notice of operating noncompliance -- Contents.

74:36:05:47.01                           Circumvention of emissions not allowed.

74:36:05:48                                Petition for contested case on alleged violation.

74:36:05:49                                Repealed.

74:36:05:50                                Federal enforceability of permit conditions.

74:36:05:51                                General permits.

74:36:05:52                                Secretary may require an individual permit.

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