24:05:24:01.  Referral. Referral includes any written request which brings a student to the attention of a school district administrator (building principal, superintendent, or special education director) as a student who may be in need of special education. A referral made by a parent may be submitted verbally, but it must be documented by a district administrator. Other sources of referrals include the following:

          (1)  Referral through screening;

          (2)  Referral by classroom teacher;

          (3)  Referral by other district personnel;

          (4)  Referral by other public or private agencies; and

          (5)  Referral by private schools, including religious schools.

          Source: 16 SDR 41, effective September 7, 1989; 23 SDR 31, effective September 8, 1996; 26 SDR 150, effective May 22, 2000.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-37-1.1.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-37-1.1.