CHAPTER 24:05:33.01



24:05:33.01:01          Extraordinary Cost Oversight Board.

24:05:33.01:02          Terms of board members.

24:05:33.01:03          Composition of board.

24:05:33.01:04          Board alternates.

24:05:33.01:05          Repealed.

24:05:33.01:06          Application.

24:05:33.01:07          Required documentation.

24:05:33.01:08          Repealed.

24:05:33.01:09          Maximum tax levy required.

24:05:33.01:10          No funding of prior fiscal year special education expenditures.

24:05:33.01:11          Funds set aside for supplemental aid applications.

24:05:33.01:12          Priority to high cost student applications.

24:05:33.01:13          Reconsideration of extraordinary cost fund applications.

24:05:33.01:14          Further guidelines and exhaustion of extraordinary cost funds.