24:52:10:06.  Expenditures not to damage historic materials without justification. Expenditures from the preservation fund may not support projects which destroy, damage, remove, or alter historic structures, features, or material, including archaeological artifacts or features, associated with the history of Deadwood unless the project is:

          (1)  Justified under the standards recognized in this chapter;

          (2)  Conducted by professional historic preservation personnel; and

          (3)  Consistent with applicable permits, mitigation procedures, and curatorial measures required by statute and rule.

          Source: 19 SDR 122, effective February 25, 1993.

          General Authority:SDCL 42-7B-5, 42-7B-46.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 42-7B-5, 42-7B-46.

          Cross-References: Archaeological permits, ch 24:52:08; Presentation of historical property -- Procedures, SDCL 1-19A-11.1.