24:52:10:10.  Unallowable costs. The following expenditures of Deadwood preservation funds are not allowable:

          (1)  Activities not meeting the conditions of SDCL 1-19A-11.1 and chapter 24:52:07;

          (2)  Expenditures for growth management activities which do not protect historic properties;

          (3)  Lobbying positions which threaten or lead to the deterioration of historic properties;

          (4)  The support of activities carried out by institutions which threaten the retention of historic property;

          (5)  Costs of city government not related to allowable cost categories; and

          (6)  Expenditures not meeting the conditions of ยง 24:52:10:09.

          Source: 19 SDR 122, effective February 25, 1993; 28 SDR 182, effective July 10, 2002.

          General Authority:SDCL 42-7B-5, 42-7B-46.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 42-7B-5, 42-7B-46.