(Repealed. 43 SDR 80, effective December 5, 2016)


46:05:01            Definitions, Repealed.

46:05:02            Accreditation, Repealed.

46:05:03            Governance, Repealed.

46:05:04            Fiscal management, Repealed.

46:05:05            Personnel, Repealed.

46:05:06            Statistical reporting, Repealed.

46:05:07            Clients’ rights, Repealed.

46:05:08            Quality of care review, Repealed.

46:05:09            Client case records, Repealed.

46:05:10            Medication control in residential programs, Repealed.

46:05:11                 Dietary services, Repealed.

46:05:12            Environmental sanitation safety and fire prevention, Repealed.

46:05:13            Prevention program, Repealed.

46:05:14            Level 0.5 early intervention program, Repealed.

46:05:15            Level I.0 outpatient services program, Repealed.

46:05:16            Level II.1 intensive outpatient treatment program, Repealed.

46:05:17            Level II.5 day treatment program, Repealed.

46:05:18            Level III.2-D clinically-managed residential detoxification program, Repealed.

46:05:19            Level III.7 medically-monitored intensive inpatient treatment program for adults and Level III.7 medically-monitored intensive inpatient treatment program for adolescents, Repealed.

46:05:20            Level III.1 clinically-managed low-intensity residential treatment program, Repealed.

46:05:21            Gambling programs, Repealed.