CHAPTER 64:47:01



64:47:01:01        Definitions.

64:47:01:02        Year on which refunds are based.

64:47:01:03        Proper time period for filing claims.

64:47:01:04        Repealed.

64:47:01:05        Extension of filing time.

64:47:01:06        Cash public assistance as income.

64:47:01:07        Noncash public assistance exempt from income.

64:47:01:08        Room and board as income.

64:47:01:09        Exclusions from income.

64:47:01:10        Proof of age.

64:47:01:11        Requirements for proving disability.

64:47:01:12        Persons who must be included in a household.

64:47:01:13        Determination of residence.

64:47:01:14        Waiver form.

64:47:01:15        Veterans' Administration determination of disability -- Correlative determination for tax relief.

64:47:01:16        Interest accrued.

64:47:01:17        Household status and income to determine sales tax refund.