CHAPTER 74:09:01



74:09:01:01        Petition to initiate contested case.

74:09:01:02        Board initiation of contested case.

74:09:01:03        Answer to petition to initiate contested case.

74:09:01:04        Intervention in contested case.

74:09:01:05        Initiation of enforcement hearing.

74:09:01:06        Intervention in enforcement hearings not allowed.

74:09:01:07        Pleadings to be filed with department.

74:09:01:08        Appointment of chair of hearing.

74:09:01:09        Motions.

74:09:01:10        Prehearing conference.

74:09:01:11        Notice of contested case.

74:09:01:12        Subpoenas.

74:09:01:13        Conduct of hearings.

74:09:01:14        Transcripts.

74:09:01:15        Service.

74:09:01:16        Degree of proof required.

74:09:01:17        Appointment of hearing examiner.

74:09:01:18        Decision of board.

74:09:01:19        Findings of fact, conclusions of law, and orders.

74:09:01:20        Board member conflict of interest.

74:09:01:21        Board member potential conflict of interests.