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13-6-1      Definition of terms.
13-6-1.1      Validation of past reorganization proceedings--Disputed proceedings excepted.
13-6-2      Legislative policy.
13-6-2.1 to 13-6-2.9.      Repealed.
13-6-3      Repealed.
13-6-3.1      Repealed.
13-6-3.2      Record of proceedings kept by county commissioners--Plats transmitted to secretary.
13-6-3.3      Public officials to make available information from public records.
13-6-4      Requirements for school district reorganization.
13-6-5      Repealed.
13-6-6      Repealed.
13-6-7      Municipality to be all in same district--Exception.
13-6-8      Repealed.
13-6-8.1 to 13-6-8.11.      Repealed.
13-6-9      Repealed.
13-6-9.1      Repealed.
13-6-9.2      County commissioners as school board for district unable to furnish own board--Power to finance and operate school program.
13-6-9.3, 13-6-9.4.      Repealed.
13-6-10      Reorganization initiated by school board or voters--Development of plan--Deadlines for acknowledging petition and filing plan--Submission of plan to voters.
13-6-11, 13-6-12.      Repealed.
13-6-13      Contents of reorganization plan--Acceptance or rejection of annexed area by receiving board--Excess tax levy.
13-6-13.1      Former school district representation areas for consolidated districts--Establishment--Election of board members.
13-6-13.2      Rejection of request to transfer not actionable.
13-6-14      Repealed.
13-6-15      Repealed.
13-6-16      Repealed.
13-6-17      Plan incorporated in minutes--Distribution of copies--Approved plan binding--Superseding later plan.
13-6-18      Review of plan by secretary--Hearings--Notice of compliance or noncompliance--Duration of plan.
13-6-18.1      Boundary changes--When allowed.
13-6-19      Repealed.
13-6-20 to 13-6-24.      Repealed.
13-6-25      Transferred.
13-6-26      Repealed.
13-6-27      Repealed.
13-6-28, 13-6-29.      Repealed.
13-6-30      Annexed territory to remain with original school district--Exception.
13-6-31 to 13-6-36.      Repealed.
13-6-37      Transferred.

13-6-38 to 13-6-40.      Repealed.
13-6-41      Special election called on state approval of plan--Eligibility to vote.
13-6-41.1      Election on dissolution of district restricted to dissolving district--Resolution of annexing district.
13-6-41.2      Date of election.
13-6-41.3      Notice of election--Contents--Costs of election.
13-6-42      Repealed.
13-6-43      Ballot form for election on reorganization.
13-6-44      General election law applicable to reorganization elections.
13-6-45      Certification and canvass of votes--Results transmitted to secretary.
13-6-46      Repealed.
13-6-47      Vote required to approve reorganization plan.
13-6-48      Secretary's notice of election results--Order effecting plan--Contents.
13-6-48.1      Distribution of copies of reorganization order.
13-6-48.2      Correction of county boundary records to show reorganization--Notice to secretary.
13-6-49      Reconsideration of rejected plan.
13-6-50 to 13-6-52.      Repealed.
13-6-53      Joint exercise of county powers in reorganization of joint districts.
13-6-54 to 13-6-58.      Repealed.
13-6-59      Joint district controlled by county with majority of children.
13-6-60      Repealed.
13-6-61      Operative date of reorganization--Participation in elections before operative date.
13-6-61.1      Operative date when reorganization consists solely of dissolution of school district.
13-6-62      Election of board for new district--Notices and declarations of candidacy--Costs.
13-6-62.1      Repealed.
13-6-63      Election and terms of members of new board--Residence requirements.
13-6-64      Assumption of office, organization and contracts made before new district operational--Continued operation of old boards.
13-6-65      Repealed.
13-6-66      Effective date of change of boundaries by creation of new district.
13-6-67      Dissolution of district after transfer of total area by reorganization--Expiration of terms of officers.
13-6-68 to 13-6-72.      Repealed.
13-6-73      Repealed.
13-6-74      Repealed.
13-6-75      Filling of vacancies on school board created by transfer of territory to another district.
13-6-76      Repealed.
13-6-77      Valuation by county commissioners of school property and debt--Adjustments--Joint county action.
13-6-78      Transfer of assets and liabilities on reorganization--Copy of directive to secretary.
13-6-79      Repealed.
13-6-80      Repealed.
13-6-81      Tax to discharge liabilities of district dissolved in reorganization--Tax limitation--Bond issue.
13-6-82      Bonded indebtedness not transferred by reorganization--Continuation of tax levy and redemption of bonded indebtedness--Trust fund.
13-6-83      Disposition of records of district dissolved by reorganization.
13-6-84      Board proposal for boundary change and land exchange.
13-6-84.1      Criteria for boundary change or land exchange.
13-6-84.2      Procedure for land exchange.
13-6-84.3      Submission of question by school board when requested by five percent of votes--Majority vote--Submission to county commissioners upon passage.
13-6-84.4      Authority to reorganize pursuant to ยงยง 13-6-10, 13-6-13, and 13-6-18 unaffected.
13-6-85, 13-6-85.1.      Repealed.
13-6-85.2      Amendment, addition, or deletion of information--Time limits.
13-6-85.3      Moratorium on minor boundary changes.
13-6-85.4      Petition to transfer land on closing of rural attendance center.
13-6-86      Contents of resolution for boundary change.
13-6-86.1      Repealed.
13-6-87      Order of county commissioners approving or making boundary change--Distribution of copies.
13-6-88      Adjustment of assets and liabilities on boundary change.
13-6-89      Repeaed.
13-6-89.1, 13-6-90.      Repealed.
13-6-91      Repealed.
13-6-92 to 13-6-96. Repealed.
13-6-97      Required reorganization of school district with low enrollment--Exceptions.
13-6-98      Repealed.
13-6-99      School district created by reorganization to consist of adjoining territory--Exemption.

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