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13-64-1      School board may implement school sentinel program.
13-64-2      Approval of law enforcement official required.
13-64-3      School sentinel training course.
13-64-4      School employee right to refuse to carry firearms.
13-64-5      Permit to carry concealed weapon required.
13-64-6      Cause of action against school board.
13-64-7      Referendum petition on school board decision.
13-64-8      Time for filing petition.
13-64-9      Contents of petition.
13-64-10      Requirements for petition.
13-64-11      Election on referendum.
13-64-12      Publication of referred decision.
13-64-13      Ballots on referendum.
13-64-14      Majority vote required--Effective date of approved decision.
13-64-15      Immunity from liability.
13-64-16      Sovereign immunity not waived.

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