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58-29A-1 to 58-29A-53.      Repealed.
58-29A-54      Scope of application of chapter.
58-29A-55      Definition of terms.
58-29A-56      Creation of association--Membership--Exercise of powers.
58-29A-57      Board of directors--Appointment and terms of members--Vacancies on board.
58-29A-58      Representation of member insurers on board--Domestic insurers.
58-29A-59      Reimbursement of director's expenses.
58-29A-60      General corporate powers of association.
58-29A-61      Tax exemption of association.
58-29A-62      Notice to director of indications of member insolvency.
58-29A-63      Examination of insurer on request by board--Cost of examination--Handling of report.
58-29A-64      Insolvency or hazardous condition reported to board of directors.
58-29A-65      Recommendations for detection and prevention of insolvencies.
58-29A-66      Recommendations on improving regulation for solvency.
58-29A-67      Report by directors on history and causes of insolvency.
58-29A-68      Obligation of association on claims against insolvent insurer--Deductible and maximum amounts.
58-29A-69      Association deemed insurer to extent of obligations on covered claims.
58-29A-70      Investigation, adjustment, and payment or denial of claims--Review of previous settlements, releases, and judgments.
58-29A-71      Transfer or recovery of claim from certain covered persons.
58-29A-72      Means of handling claims--Designation of servicing facility.
58-29A-73      Reimbursement of servicing facility--Payment of other expenses.
58-29A-74      Separate accounts for administration and assessment.
58-29A-75      Allocation of claims, expenses, and assessments to separate accounts--Operating expenses excepted.
58-29A-76      Administrative assessments for operating expenses.
58-29A-77      Apportionment of assessments among members--Notice of assessment.
58-29A-78      Maximum assessment in relation to net premiums.
58-29A-79      Offset of payments and expenses against assessment due.
58-29A-80      Exemption or deferment of assessments to avoid impairment of capital or surplus.
58-29A-81      Proration of payments when assets insufficient for full payment.
58-29A-82      Refund of surplus to member insurers.
58-29A-83      Plan of operation submitted to director--Approval.
58-29A-84      Required contents of plan of operation.
58-29A-85      Compliance with plan of operation--Violation as misdemeanor.
58-29A-86      Delegation of functions to interstate organization--Reimbursement of organization--Approval of delegation.
58-29A-87      Director's rules promulgated in lieu of amendments to plan of operation.
58-29A-88      Notice to association of insolvency of insurer.
58-29A-89      Statement of members' premiums furnished to association.
58-29A-90      Stay of default proceedings against insolvent insurer--Setting aside of prior proceedings.
58-29A-91      Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority for failure to pay assessment or comply with plan--Fine as alternative.
58-29A-92      Revocation of designation of servicing facility.
58-29A-93      Duplicate coverage--Insured to exhaust rights against solvent insurer.
58-29A-94      Duplicate coverage by insolvent insurers--Factors governing primary recovery.
58-29A-95      Subrogation of association to rights of claimant.
58-29A-96      Restrictions on liability of insured to association.
58-29A-97      Liability of insureds for unpaid assessments.
58-29A-98      Settlements by association binding on successor of insolvent insurer--Priority of claim and expenses.
58-29A-99      Association's statements of claims paid filed with receiver or liquidator.
58-29A-100      Examination and regulation of association--Annual report.
58-29A-101      Immunity from liability of persons acting under chapter.
58-29A-102      Judicial review of director's actions.
58-29A-103      Premiums to include amounts sufficient for assessments.
58-29A-104      Unfair trade practice to advertise protection given by chapter.
58-29A-105      Payment of claims to be made in any reasonable order.
58-29A-106      Association to be recognized as claimant in liquidation of insolvent insurer--Priority of distribution.
58-29A-107      Insolvent insurer's records to be made available to board.
58-29A-108      Jurisdiction over claims against association.
58-29A-109      Citation of chapter.

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