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     1-15-11.   Enforcement of contracts and property rights--Judgment proceeds. The Department of Corrections may bring suit in the proper court in its own name, to enforce any contract made by it and any suit relating to such property, or to the care, custody, control, management, or improvement thereof, and the attorney general shall prosecute any such suit upon the request of the secretary of corrections. Any money collected upon any judgment obtained under the provisions of this section shall be paid into the treasury for the benefit of the penal institutions and credited to the proper fund or funds. This section and § 1-15-10 confer upon the Department of Corrections all powers which are necessary to the proper legal management of the correctional institutions placed under its control, and the property belonging to the same.

Source: SDC 1939, § 55.1705; SL 1989, ch 20, § 29.

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