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11-2-1 Definition of terms.
     11-2-1.   Definition of terms. Terms used in this chapter mean:
             (1)      "Board," the board of county commissioners;
             (2)      "Commission," "planning and zoning commission," "zoning commission," or "planning commission," any county planning and zoning commission created under the terms of this chapter;
             (3)      "Comprehensive plan," a document which describes in words, and may illustrate by maps, plats, charts, and other descriptive matter, the goals, policies, and objectives of the board to interrelate all functional and natural systems and activities relating to the development of the territory under its jurisdiction;
             (4)      "Governing body," the board of county commissioners, the city council or city commission;
             (5)      "Municipality," a city or town however organized;
             (6)      "Temporary zoning or subdivision ordinance," an ordinance adopted as an emergency measure for a limited duration;
             (7)      "Subdivision ordinance," any ordinance adopted by the board to regulate the subdivision of land so as to provide coordination of streets with other subdivisions and the major street plan, adequate areas set aside for public uses, water and sanitation facilities, drainage and flood control, and conformity with the comprehensive plan;
             (8)      "Subdivision," the division of any tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, sites, or other division for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development. The term includes resubdivision. This definition does not apply to the conveyance of a portion of any previously platted tract, parcel, lot, or site if the conveyance does not cause the tract, parcel, lot, or site from which the portion is severed to be in violation of any existing zoning ordinance or subdivision ordinance applying to the tract, parcel, lot, or site;
             (9)      "Zoning map," the map that delineates the extent of each district or zone established in the zoning ordinance;
             (10)      "Zoning ordinance," any ordinance adopted by the board to implement the comprehensive plan by regulating the location and use of buildings and uses of land.

Source: SL 1967, ch 20, § 1; SL 1975, ch 113, § 1; SL 1987, ch 29, § 55; SL 1992, ch 60, § 2; SL 2000, ch 69, § 1.

Chapter 11-2

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