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11-7-1      Definition of terms.
11-7-2      "Slum area" defined.
11-7-3      "Blighted area" defined.
11-7-4      "Housing project" defined.
11-7-5      "Redevelopment project" defined.
11-7-6      "Redevelopment plan" defined--Purposes of plan.
11-7-7      Housing and redevelopment commissions created--Findings and declaration of need required before exercise of powers.
11-7-7.1      Joint agreements between municipal and county commissions.
11-7-7.2      Dissolution of municipal commission to participate in county commission--Transfer of rights, property, and obligations.
11-7-8      Factors considered in determining adequacy of dwelling accommodations.
11-7-9      Publication of notice and hearing on resolution to activate housing and redevelopment commission--Publication as ordinance.
11-7-10      Filing of resolution activating commission--Resolution conclusive as to powers of commission.
11-7-11      Composition of commission--Certain public officers and employees ineligible.
11-7-12      Appointment and terms of commissioners--Vacancies.
11-7-13      Tenure of commissioners--Certificate of appointment.
11-7-14      Removal of commissioner from office--Notice and hearing--Suspension pending final action--Record of proceedings.
11-7-15      Quorum of commission--Officers--Rules--Meetings open to public.
11-7-16      Expenses of commissioners--Per diem.
11-7-17      Commission as body corporate--General powers--Taxing and special assessment power denied.
11-7-18      Commission power to sue and be sued--Seal--Perpetual succession--Rules and regulations.
11-7-19      Director, officers, and employees of commission--Legal services--Services of local public bodies.
11-7-20      Delegation of powers and duties by commission.
11-7-21      Power to undertake, carry out, operate, construct, and repair projects.
11-7-21.1      Power to manage subsidized housing projects.
11-7-22      Power to acquire property--Eminent domain power.
11-7-22.1      Acquisition of private property by eminent domain for certain uses prohibited.     
11-7-22.2      Certain transfers of property acquired by eminent domain prohibited without prior resale offer to original owner or heirs.
11-7-23      Power to lease or dispose of property--Contracts and instruments.
11-7-24      Acquisition of property devoted to prior public use--Approval by governing body required--Increase in value arising from project not considered in awarding compensation.
11-7-25      Voluntary acquisition of project property by commission member or employee prohibited--Disclosure of interest--Violation as misdemeanor.
11-7-26      Payments in lieu of taxes on property.
11-7-27      Cooperation with federal government or state in carrying out projects.
11-7-28      Acceptance of grants and loans--Power to make loans.
11-7-29      Compliance with conditions for federal aid--Conveyance to federal government on default.

11-7-30      Power to issue evidences of indebtedness.
11-7-31      Power to invest reserve and debt service funds.
11-7-32      Power to determine slum and blighted areas.
11-7-33      Power to establish income standards for admission to housing projects.
11-7-34      Power to make and disseminate housing and economic studies and analyses.
11-7-35      Power to prepare plan for municipal or county development.
11-7-36      Power to rent accommodations, buildings, and facilities.
11-7-37      Power to hold, improve, lease, or dispose of property.
11-7-38      Power to insure property.
11-7-39      Power to obtain federal or state guaranty of bonds--Premiums.
11-7-40      Power to contract for services and facilities of other agencies--Enforcement of federal labor standard requirements.
11-7-41      Power to make expenditures.
11-7-42      Exercise of combination of powers.
11-7-43      Projects subject to zoning, sanitary, and building regulations.
11-7-44      Work contracts and purchases to be awarded on competitive bids.
11-7-45 to 11-7-48. Repealed.
11-7-49      Approval required for initiation of low-rent housing projects.
11-7-49.1      Construction of low-rent housing project by housing and redevelopment commission upon approval.
11-7-50 to 11-7-52. Repealed.
11-7-53      Approval by governing body required for low-rent housing project.
11-7-53.1      Housing development project--Necessity--Eminent domain requirements--Sale or lease of interest to private developers--Sale or lease for other purposes--Power of commission.
11-7-53.2      Approval of housing development project plan required before issuance of bonds or obligations.
11-7-53.3      Competitive bidding on construction of housing development project.
11-7-54, 11-7-55. Repealed.
11-7-56      Purchase or lease of existing buildings in lieu of new construction for housing project.
11-7-57      Conditions required for purchase or lease of existing buildings for housing project.
11-7-58      Low-rent policy--Operation of housing projects for profit prohibited--Costs to be covered by rentals.
11-7-59      Income and accommodation standards in selection of tenants and rental of housing projects.
11-7-60      Noncitizens not accepted as tenants in housing projects.
11-7-61      Religious and political discrimination prohibited in selection of tenants.
11-7-62      Preference in rental to persons displaced by commission operations.
11-7-63      Preference in rentals to servicemembers and veterans.
11-7-64      Welfare recipients considered for admission to housing projects.
11-7-65      Periodic investigation of circumstances of tenants in housing projects.
11-7-66      Conditions waived in admitting servicemembers and veterans to housing projects.
11-7-67      Families with increased income required to move from project.
11-7-68      Rules and regulations for occupancy of housing projects.
11-7-69      Commission liable in contract or tort--Personal liability of commission members.
11-7-70      Commission property exempt from judicial process--Mandamus to enforce payment of judgment--Rights of obligees preserved.
11-7-71      Receivership remedy preserved for obligee on housing project--Acquisition of redevelopment property on default by purchaser or lessee.
11-7-72      Commission property exempt from taxes and special assessments--Exemption terminated on transfer to private ownership--Utility and service charges payable.
11-7-73      Annual statement to director of equalization of shelter rentals on housing project--Percentage of rentals paid in lieu of taxes--Distribution of payments to governmental units.
11-7-74      General development plan required before recommendation of redevelopment plan.
11-7-75      Initiation of redevelopment plans--Submission to and recommendations by planning agency.
11-7-76      Recommendation of redevelopment plan to governing body--Statements to accompany redevelopment plan.
11-7-77      Notice and hearing by governing body on redevelopment plan--Decision by governing body.
11-7-78      Findings of governing body required for approval of redevelopment plan.
11-7-79      Resubmission to governing body of modified redevelopment plan--Recommendation and approval conclusive of public need.
11-7-80      Lease or transfer of real property in redevelopment project--Price of lease or sale--Appraisal.
11-7-81      Retention of redevelopment property for housing project--Housing funds transferred to redevelopment funds.
11-7-82      Terms of lease or sale of redevelopment property--Development to be carried out by lessee or purchaser--Security provisions--Rental charges to tenants.
11-7-83      Commission consent required for grant or assignment of lessee's or purchaser's interest in redevelopment property--Agreements required of grantee or assignee.
11-7-84      Modification of redevelopment plans--Consent of lessee or purchaser required.
11-7-85      Performance bond required of purchaser or lessee of redevelopment property.
11-7-86      Notice and forfeiture on failure of purchaser or lessee to carry out required development--Repossession and completion of work by commission.
11-7-87      Estimate of costs and proceeds of redevelopment projects--Sufficiency of proceeds and public grants required--Capitalization of estimated revenues.
11-7-88      Sale or lease for variety of uses as purpose of redevelopment.
11-7-89      Local public funds used for redevelopment only to extent not available from other sources.
11-7-90      Commission power to issue bonds and obligations--Housing projects and redevelopment projects kept separate.
11-7-91      Provision for project revenues to be placed in debt service funds.
11-7-92      Commission power to issue bonds--Refunding bonds.
11-7-93      Income and revenues from which bonds payable--Additional pledge of other funds or assets.
11-7-94      Conditions and covenants of bonds.
11-7-95      Submission of bonds for examination by attorney general--Certification of validity.
11-7-96      Issuance of bonds--Maturity dates--Interest rate--Denominations--Registration--Redemption provisions--Signatures.
11-7-97      Private or public sale of bonds--Notice of sale.
11-7-98      Validity of signatures on bonds--Negotiable investment securities.
11-7-99      Tax exemption of bonds.
11-7-100      Recital in bond conclusive as to purpose.
11-7-101      Remedies conferred on bondholders by terms of bond.
11-7-102      Investment in bonds authorized for public funds, financial institutions, trusts, and fiduciaries.
11-7-103      Acceptance of federal loans and grants authorized--Compliance with conditions.
11-7-104      Mandamus available to obligee of commission--Injunction.
11-7-105      Commissioners not personally liable on bonds--Public debt not created--Debt limitations not applicable.
11-7-106      Commission accounts and annual report to auditor-general and governing body.
11-7-107      Investigations and examinations by auditor-general.
11-7-108      Enforcement of compliance with chapter and rules and regulations.
11-7-109      Citation of chapter.

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