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12-4-1      Persons entitled to register.
12-4-1.1      Repealed.
12-4-2      County auditor in charge of voter registration records.
12-4-2.1, 12-4-2.2.      Repealed.
12-4-2.3      Repealed.
12-4-3      Mail registration cards and instructions provided by auditor--Contact information provided by private entities.
12-4-3.1      Repealed.
12-4-3.2      Deadline for private entities or individuals registering voters to file registration form--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-4-4      Repealed.
12-4-4.1      Repealed.
12-4-4.2      Purpose of overseas voting rights provisions.
12-4-4.3      Overseas citizen defined.
12-4-4.4      Registration and voting by overseas citizens--Conditions.
12-4-4.5      Absentee registration and voting in last county and precinct of residence.
12-4-4.6      Absentee ballot request as registration--Notarization not required.
12-4-4.7      Expedition of registrations and ballot requests.
12-4-4.8      Promulgation of rules by state board.
12-4-4.9      Election laws apply to overseas voting provisions.
12-4-4.10      Secretary of state to provide voter registration and absentee voting information.
12-4-4.11      Repealed.
12-4-4.12      Registration of voter covered by Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.
12-4-5      Entry of applicants in registration file--Deadline--Rules--List for runoff election.
12-4-5.1      Repealed.
12-4-5.2      Notice of registration procedures--Publication.
12-4-5.3      Review of voter registration application by auditor--Notice to applicant.
12-4-5.4      Registration--Driver license number or social security information required.
12-4-5.5      Verification of driver license or social security information.
12-4-6      Filling out registration card--Registration at driver's license station--Applicant unable to write.
12-4-6.1      Effective date of voter registration.
12-4-7      Repealed.
12-4-7.1      Repealed.
12-4-7.2      Duty to ensure completion of registration cards.
12-4-7.3, 12-4-7.4.      Repealed.
12-4-8      Records prescribed by state board--Information required.
12-4-8.1      Postcard requests for absentee ballot under federal law--Indexing and furnishing to precinct board.
12-4-8.2      True copy to replace duplicate acknowledgment notice.
12-4-9      Master registration file--Contents--Open to public inspection--Access to certain information restricted.
12-4-9.1      Repealed.
12-4-10      Precinct registration lists--Contents--Entries by superintendent.
12-4-10.1      Registration lists furnished to federal court for jury selection--Return of lists to auditor.
12-4-11      Change of registration file on change in precinct boundaries.
12-4-12      New registration on move between states or counties--Authorization to cancel previous registration.
12-4-13      Repealed.
12-4-14      Repealed.
12-4-15      Designation or change of party affiliation.
12-4-16      Repealed.
12-4-17      Repealed.
12-4-18      Persons declared mentally incompetent, deceased or serving sentence for felony conviction removed from registration records.
12-4-19      Address verification request--Confirmation mailing--Exception.
12-4-19.1      Confirmation mailing notice to registrant of proposed registration cancellation--Postcard and return card--Contents.
12-4-19.2      Placement in inactive registration file by auditor.
12-4-19.3      Repealed.
12-4-19.4      Cancellation of voter registration .
12-4-19.5      Repealed.
12-4-19.6      National change of address notice.
12-4-19.7      Voter registration list maintenance confirmation mailing notice--Contents.
12-4-20 to 12-4-22.      Repealed.
12-4-23      Repealed.
12-4-23.1      Repealed.
12-4-24      Precinct lists for local election--Delivery to voting precincts.
12-4-24.1      Repealed.
12-4-25 to 12-4-28.      Repealed.
12-4-29      Repealed.
12-4-30      Repealed.
12-4-31      Repealed.
12-4-32      National Voter Registration Act of 1993.
12-4-33      Chief state election official.
12-4-34      Registered voters referred to in other statutes.
12-4-35      Rules for the National Voter Registration Act.
12-4-36      Rebuttable presumption that certain electors not qualified.
12-4-37      Statewide voter registration file--County auditors to transmit changes to secretary.
12-4-38      County auditor's file is official record in event of discrepancy.
12-4-39      Promulgation of rules--Scope.
12-4-40      Identification of duplicate voter registration--Notification.
12-4-41      Use of voter registration information--Violation as misdemeanor--Civil penalty.
12-4-42 to 12-4-51. Transferred.
12-4-52      Payment for registration of voters based on number of voters registered prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-4-53      Receipt of payment for registration of voters based on number of voters registered prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

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