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12-6-1      Offices to which chapter applies.
12-6-2      Third-term gubernatorial nomination prohibited.
12-6-3      Candidacy for two offices at one election prohibited--Exceptions.
12-6-3.1      Legislative candidates required to reside in district of candidacy.
12-6-3.2      Candidate required to register with party.
12-6-4      Petition required to place candidate's name on primary ballot_Time and place of filing.
12-6-4.1      Earliest time for circulating petitions or certificates.
12-6-4.2      Repealed.
12-6-5      Form of nominating petition prescribed by state board.
12-6-6      Joint petitions for delegate and legislative candidates--Individual petitions otherwise required.
12-6-7      Petition composed of several sheets--Signature requirements.
12-6-7.1      Petition for candidate for Legislature, county political public office, or county party office.
12-6-8      Time and manner of signing petition--Declaration of candidate--Verification--Signing for independent or nonpolitical candidate.
12-6-8.1      Withdrawal from primary election--Time and place of filing.
12-6-9      Unopposed candidate automatically nominated--Primary not held if no contest.
12-6-10      Repealed.
12-6-11      Certification to county auditors of nominating petitions filed with secretary of state.
12-6-12, 12-6-13.      Repealed.
12-6-14      Form of official primary ballot prescribed by state board.
12-6-14.1      Repealed.
12-6-15 to 12-6-17.      Repealed.
12-6-18      Repealed.
12-6-19 to 12-6-25.      Repealed.
12-6-26      Qualifications of voters at primary--Party registration requirements.
12-6-26.1 to 12-6-49.      Repealed.
12-6-50      Nomination by plurality at primary.
12-6-51      Repealed.
12-6-51.1      Percentage of votes required to run for Senate, House of Representatives, or Governor_Runoff election.
12-6-51.2      Repealed.
12-6-51.3      Certification of runoff candidates.
12-6-51.4      Repealed.
12-6-52      Party officials elected by plurality at primary.
12-6-53, 12-6-54.      Repealed.
12-6-55      Withdrawal by nominee--Time and place of filing.
12-6-56      Vacancies in party ticket to be filled by party committee.
12-6-56.1      Rejected.
12-6-57      Meeting of party committee to fill vacancies--Manner of voting.
12-6-58      Application of vacancy provisions to special congressional elections.
12-6-59 to 12-6-63.      Repealed.
12-6-64      Liberal construction of primary election laws.

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