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13-13-1      Apportionment among school districts of school fund income.
13-13-1.1      Individual school district average daily membership defined.
13-13-1.2      Fall enrollment records subject to examination by department.
13-13-1.3      Overreported fall enrollment data--Recovery of overpayment--Misdemeanor.
13-13-1.4 to 13-13-1.7.      Repealed.
13-13-1.8      Repealed.
13-13-1.9      Repealed.
13-13-2      Payments to school districts of permanent school fund income.
13-13-3      Withholding of permanent school fund income from districts in default on obligation to school fund.
13-13-4      Sources of county general school fund.
13-13-5      Report and distribution of county general school fund to school districts.
13-13-6      Payment of tax collections to school districts--Receipt.
13-13-7 to 13-13-9.      Repealed.
13-13-10      Repealed.
13-13-10.1      Definitions.
13-13-10.2      Assessed value of property in tax increment financing district created before July 1, 2018--Districts created for industrial or economic development purposes.
13-13-10.3      Repealed.
13-13-10.4      Enrolled student defined.
13-13-10.5      Student enrolled on partial basis--Effect on fall enrollment.
13-13-10.6, 13-13-10.7. Repealed.
13-13-10.8      Assessed value of property in tax increment financing district created after June 30, 2018.
13-13-10.9      Tax increment financing districts created for industrial, economic development, or affordable housing purposes after June 30, 2018.
13-13-10.10      Industrial, economic development, and affordable housing purposes defined for purposes of § 13-13-10.9.
13-13-11      Purpose and policy of general school aid.
13-13-11.1      Federal Title VIII funds for children with disabilities deposited in school district special education fund.
13-13-12      Repealed.
13-13-13      Eligibility of district for state aid.
13-13-13.1      Repealed.
13-13-14      Attendance centers for entire term required.
13-13-15      Repealed.
13-13-16      Repealed.
13-13-17      Repealed.
13-13-18      Accredited public schools required.
13-13-19      Eligibility of newly reorganized district.
13-13-20      Repealed.
13-13-20.1, 13-13-20.2.      Repealed.
13-13-20.3      Repealed.
13-13-20.4      Actual assessed valuation for certain property given reduced valuation.
13-13-21, 13-13-21.1.      Repealed.

13-13-21.2      Repealed.
13-13-22 to 13-13-24.      Repealed.
13-13-24.1      Repealed.
13-13-24.2      Repealed.
13-13-25, 13-13-26.      Repealed.
13-13-26.1      Repealed.
13-13-27 to 13-13-32.      Repealed.
13-13-32.1      Repealed.
13-13-33      Repealed.
13-13-34      Repealed.
13-13-34.1      Repealed.
13-13-35      Repealed.
13-13-36      Manner of payment of state aid.
13-13-37      Submission of final financial report.
13-13-37.1      Repealed.
13-13-37.2      Repealed.
13-13-37.3      Repealed.
13-13-37.4      Promulgation of rules.
13-13-37.5, 13-13-37.6.      Repealed.
13-13-38      Determination of eligibility of school districts for state aid--Information required from counties and districts--Delinquency--Forfeited funds.
13-13-38.1      Repealed.
13-13-39      Apportionment of state aid--Payments to school districts--Deduction of delinquent payments where funds pledged.
13-13-40      Repealed.
13-13-41      Correction of errors in foundation program payments.
13-13-42, 13-13-43.      Repealed.
13-13-45 to 13-13-46.1.      Repealed.
13-13-47 to 13-13-51.      Repealed.
13-13-52      Obsolete.
13-13-53 to 13-13-58.      Repealed.
13-13-59 to 13-13-62.      Repealed.
13-13-63 to 13-13-65.      Repealed.
13-13-66, 13-13-67. Repealed.
13-13-68      Obsolete.
13-13-69, 13-13-70. Repealed.
13-13-71      Equalizing increase in local effort with increase in need.
13-13-72      Legislative policy on annual increase in appropriation for state aid.
13-13-72.1      Adjustment to certain levies.
13-13-73      Calculation of state aid for each school district.
13-13-73.1      Real property valuation of manufactured homes to be excluded from calculation.
13-13-73.2 to 13-13-73.4. Repealed.
13-13-73.5      Reduction of state aid by subtracting allowable general fund cash balance from lowest general fund monthly cash balance.
13-13-73.6      Increases in teacher compensation.
13-13-73.7      Legislative intent regarding increases in teacher compensation.
13-13-74      Monthly payments of aid to public schools--Adjustment for deductions for delinquent payments.
13-13-75      Repealed.
13-13-76, 13-13-77. Repealed.
13-13-78      Definition of terms used in § 13-13-79.
13-13-79      Distribution of funds to sparse school districts.
13-13-80      Repealed.
13-13-81      Definition of terms.
13-13-82      State aid to certain school districts for career and technical education.
13-13-83      Monthly payments.
13-13-84      Promulgation of rules on certification of resident pupils attending schools in another state.
13-13-85      Transfer of funds for jump start scholarships.
13-13-86      Child residing in licensed group care center for minors.
13-13-87      Children residing in residential treatment center or intensive residential treatment center.
13-13-88      Workforce education fund created.
13-13-89      Disbursements from workforce education fund.
13-13-90      Promulgation of rules regarding workforce education fund .
13-13-91      Technology and assessment costs and sparse school district benefits deducted from distributions.
13-13-92      Deposits in animal disease research and diagnostic laboratory bond redemption and operations fund.

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