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13-34-23 Loan of textbooks--Textbooks defined.
     13-34-23.   Loan of textbooks--Textbooks defined. Each public school board shall loan without charge to all persons ages five through nineteen who are either enrolled in a public school, or a nonpublic school, or who are engaged in a course of instruction pursuant to § 13-27-3, within the school district under such board's jurisdiction or who are residing in such district but are not enrolled in any such school or engaged in any such course of instruction, such nonsectarian textbooks designed for individual use as are normally furnished by such school board to individual students enrolled in the public schools of the district under such board's jurisdiction. For the purposes of this chapter, textbooks are any instructional materials that constitute the principal source of teaching and learning for a given course of study including print and digital materials, but not including any computer hardware. All such textbooks shall be approved by the respective school boards.

Source: SL 1987, ch 142, § 1; SL 2012, ch 97, § 1.

Chapter 13-34

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