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13-37-1      Children in need of special education or special education and related services.
13-37-1.1      Rules governing standards for special education.
13-37-1.2      Department as agency responsible for special education--Regulatory and coordinating authority.
13-37-1.3      Free education for special education children.
13-37-2      Special education defined--Conformity to approved program where possible.
13-37-2.1      Surrogate parent defined.
13-37-3, 13-37-3.1.      Repealed.
13-37-4      Repealed.
13-37-5      Repealed.
13-37-5.1      Repealed.
13-37-6      Repealed.
13-37-7      Repealed.
13-37-8      Repealed.
13-37-8.1      Repealed.
13-37-8.2      Repealed.
13-37-8.3      Repealed.
13-37-8.4      Cost paid by school district.
13-37-8.5      Repealed.
13-37-8.6      Costs of special education services--Sources--Provisions--Financial losses.
13-37-8.7, 13-37-8.8.      Repealed.
13-37-8.9      Mileage allowance in lieu of transportation for special education--Actual cost in lieu of mileage--Source of payment.
13-37-8.10      Crediting of state, local, and federal special education funds.
13-37-9 to 13-37-12.      Repealed.
13-37-13      Expenditures for education of children in need in state-owned institutions.
13-37-14      Repealed.
13-37-14.1, 13-37-14.2.      Repealed.
13-37-15      Repealed.
13-37-16      District tax levy for special education--School district special education fund.
13-37-16.1      Repealed.
13-37-16.2      Levy equalization.
13-37-16.3      Basis for adjustment to certain levies.
13-37-17      Repealed.
13-37-18      Costs and statistical information included in annual financial report.
13-37-19      Repealed.
13-37-20      Payment of claims for direct services.
13-37-20.1      Repealed.
13-37-21, 13-37-22.      Repealed.
13-37-23      Repealed.
13-37-24 to 13-37-24.2. Repealed.
13-37-24.3      Notice of amount of entitlement.
13-37-24.4, 13-37-24.5.      Repealed.
13-37-24.6      Repealed.

13-37-25      Repealed.
13-37-26      Repealed.
13-37-27      Surrogate parent acting in place of parent--Immunity--Exceptions.
13-37-28      Definition of autism spectrum disorder.
13-37-29      Blind student defined for purposes of braille literary assessment and educational services.
13-37-30      Braille literary assessment and educational services for blind students.
13-37-31      Competency of braille instructors--Promulgation of rules.
13-37-32 to 13-37-34.      Repealed.
13-37-35      Repealed.
13-37-35.1      Definition of terms.
13-37-35.2      Department to recalculate allocations for disability levels triennially beginning in 2004.
13-37-36      Repealed.
13-37-36.1      School district special education fund statutory carryover.
13-37-36.2      Level five disability criteria.
13-37-36.3      Computation of state aid to districts for special education.
13-37-37      Monthly payment of state aid for special education.
13-37-38      Temporary.
13-37-39      Temporary.
13-37-40      Portion of appropriation set aside for extraordinary expenses.
13-37-40.1      Certification required for funding.
13-37-41      Establishing guidelines for expenditure of state aid for special education--Annual report.
13-37-42      Limitation on expenditure of funds set aside for extraordinary expenditures.
13-37-43      Temporary.
13-37-44      Reduction of district's aid for special education for excess balance in fund.
13-37-45      Allocation of undistributed appropriations.
13-37-46      Rules defining special education process--Appeal of local district's determinations--Hearing--Report to Legislature.
13-37-47      Promulgation of rules.
13-37-48      Repealed.
13-37-48.1      Repealed.
13-37-49      Record of public school child count subject to examination by department.
13-37-50      Overreporting child count data--Recovery of twice amount of state aid--Intentional overreporting as misdemeanor.
13-37-51      Repealed.
13-37-52      Department may promulgate rules to define disabilities.
13-37-53      Repealed.
13-37-54      Promulgation of rules for reallocation of state aid to special education.
13-37-55      Coordinated early intervening services.
13-37-56      Approval for early intervening services.
13-37-57      Annual report on early intervening services.
13-37-58      Promulgation of rules on early intervening services.
13-37-59      District with early intervening services ineligible for other funds.

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