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13-49-1      Control of educational institutions vested in board--Appointment of members.
13-49-2      Qualifications of members of board.
13-49-3      Term of office of regents.
13-49-4      Filling of vacancies--Failure of senate to confirm--New appointee named.
13-49-5      Repealed.
13-49-6      Oath of office of regents.
13-49-6.1      Student regent appointed by Governor--Term of appointment--Voting member.
13-49-6.2      Repealed.
13-49-7      Meetings of board--Vote required for action--Minutes--Open to public.
13-49-8      Repealed.
13-49-9      President of board--Election and term.
13-49-10      Appointment of executive director--Qualifications--Supervision by board.
13-49-10.1      Repealed.
13-49-11      Corporate powers of board--Management of property.
13-49-12      Administration of oaths and examination of witnesses.
13-49-13      Government and regulation of institutions--Supervision of buildings and property.
13-49-14      Employment of officers, instructors and employees--Compensation and terms of employment--Political opinions not considered.
13-49-14.1      Right of instructors and employees to run for office--Exception.
13-49-14.2      Separate retirement or deferred compensation plans prohibited--Exceptions.
13-49-14.3      Employee insurance benefits through self-insured plan--Joining state plan.
13-49-14.4 to 13-49-14.10. Repealed.
13-49-14.11      FTE demand pool created.
13-49-14.12      South Dakota School for the Deaf and the South Dakota School for the Visually Handicapped maintenance and repair fund created--Deposit of money--Availability of funds--Use of funds.
13-49-14.13      Background investigation of persons hired for certain positions at South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the South Dakota School for the Deaf--Temporary employment pending results of background check.
13-49-15      Purchasing and contracting for institutions--Incidental powers of board.
13-49-16      Contracts let in accordance with public agency procurement law.
13-49-17      Repealed.
13-49-18      Prosecution of actions by board--Proceeds of judgment.
13-49-19      Customary management powers conferred on board.
13-49-20      Interstate contracts for education of South Dakota residents.
13-49-20.1      Contracts to reserve spaces for South Dakota dental students.
13-49-20.2      Contracts to reserve spaces for South Dakota optometric students.
13-49-20.3, 13-49-20.4.      Repealed.
13-49-20.5      Veterinary student grants.
13-49-20.6      Livestock emergency disease fund--Use for reservations or grants for veterinary students.
13-49-20.7      Veterinary medicine education tuition assistance--Contract regarding conditions to be met by student.
13-49-20.8      Violation of contract by student--Repayment of tuition awards--Damages.
13-49-20.9      Forgiveness or deferral of repayment based upon special circumstances.
13-49-20.10      Repayment deposited in livestock disease emergency fund.
13-49-20.11      Notification and collection as to repayment.
13-49-20.12      Report as to award recipients.
13-49-20.13      Applicability of tuition assistance program.
13-49-20.14      Contracts to reserve spaces for South Dakota veterinary students.
13-49-20.15      Assistance for students entering veterinary medicine.
13-49-21      Accounting and record-keeping systems--Budget--Duties of executive director.
13-49-22      Repealed.
13-49-23      Repealed.
13-49-24 to 13-49-27. Repealed.
13-49-27.1      Nonaccredited institutions prohibited from offering postsecondary education credit or degree--Misdemeanor and civil penalty--Exception.
13-49-28 to 13-49-30. Repealed.
13-49-31      "Records" defined for purposes of public access.
13-49-32      Functions of Agricultural Heritage Museum.
13-49-33      Salary negotiations not settled by certain date deemed to be at impasse.
13-49-34      Resale of computers leased to students upon expiration of lease .
13-49-35      Board of Regents performance improvement fund.
13-49-36      Federal grants and contracts fund.
13-49-37      Other grants and contracts fund.
13-49-38      Precision agriculture fund created.

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