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16-2-1 to 16-2-19. Repealed.
16-2-20      General supervision of circuit courts by Chief Justice--Purposes.
16-2-20.1      Quarterly reports of undecided circuit court cases--Submission and transmittal--Discipline for noncompliance.
16-2-21      Presiding judges for circuits--Appointment--Administrative powers and duties--Court held in each county.
16-2-22      Repealed.
16-2-23      Repealed.
16-2-23.1      Fees retained by court reporter.
16-2-24      Repealed.
16-2-25      Counties to provide facilities for clerk.
16-2-25.1      Supplies of judge or magistrate provided to unified system.
16-2-26      Municipalities and townships to provide facilities for magistrates' clerks.
16-2-27      Continuing duties of clerks of court.
16-2-27.1      Passport application duties of clerks--Fees.
16-2-27.2      Repealed.
16-2-28      Accounting system for funds.
16-2-29      Fees charged by clerk of courts--Governmental bodies exempt.
16-2-29.1      Fees of Supreme Court clerk--No fee in certain cases.
16-2-29.2      Waiver of filing fees and service costs--Motion to court.
16-2-29.3      Waiver of filing fees--Affidavit of inability to pay.
16-2-29.4      Waiver of filing fees--Dismissal of action if allegation of poverty untrue or action frivolous or malicious.
16-2-29.5      Records search fee.
16-2-29.6      Electronic searches of money judgments.
16-2-29.7      Repealed.
16-2-30      Clerk to forward fees and costs monthly to county treasurer.
16-2-31 to 16-2-33. Repealed.
16-2-34      Distribution of fines and penalties collected for violation of local ordinances.
16-2-35, 16-2-35.1. Repealed.
16-2-35.2 to 16-2-35.6. Repealed.
16-2-35.7      Repealed.
16-2-36      Repealed.
16-2-37      Repealed.
16-2-38      Unified Judicial System court automation fund created.
16-2-39      Court automation surcharge--Amount in civil action--Collection.
16-2-39.1      Court automation surcharge for small claims actions after June 30, 2015.
16-2-40      Surcharge taxable as costs.
16-2-41      Court automation surcharge for certain criminal actions.
16-2-41.1      Court automation surcharge for actions filed in Supreme Court.
16-2-42      Waiver of surcharge--Conditions.
16-2-43      Collection and transmittal to state treasurer--Deposit in funds.
16-2-44      Use of court automation fund money.
16-2-45      Fee for filing divorce action--Distribution of fee.
16-2-46      Uniform forms for protection orders.
16-2-47      Refusal to file or docket document.
16-2-47.1      Written notice by clerk of counterfeit documents.

16-2-48      Court action for refusal to file or docket document.
16-2-49      Liability for refusal to file or docket document.
16-2-50      Definitions.
16-2-51      Court appointed special advocates grant program established.
16-2-52      Court appointed special advocates fund established--Use of fund.
16-2-53      Court Appointed Special Advocates Commission established--Membership--Terms--Reimbursement.
16-2-54      Award of grants--Procedures for obtaining grant.
16-2-55      Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts created .
16-2-56      Grants to entities that deliver services to persons meeting income guidelines.
16-2-56.1      Considerations for awarding grants from equal access to our courts fund.
16-2-57      Settlement of class action lawsuit .
16-2-58      Commission on equal access to our courts surcharge.
16-2-58.1      Commission on equal access to our courts surcharge for answer or responsive pleading to petition to modify order for child support, child custody, child visitation, or spousal support.
16-2-58.2      Commission on equal access to our courts surcharge for answer or responsive pleading in proceedings not subject to ยง 16-2-58.1.
16-2-59      Collection of surcharge--Equal access to our courts fund.
16-2-60      Residential alternative care program for indigent adults to reduce risk of recidivism.
16-2-61      Alternative care program grants.
16-2-62      Report of grant recipient.
16-2-63      Electronic access to case documents pilot program.
16-2-64      Document charges for electronic access to documents pilot program.

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