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22-24B-19.3 Recidivist sex offender defined.
     22-24B-19.3.   Recidivist sex offender defined. A recidivist sex offender is a person who has been convicted or adjudicated for more than one sex crime listed in § 22-24B-1, regardless of when those convictions or adjudications occurred. However, no person is a recidivist sex offender unless the person committed the second sex crime after having been convicted or adjudicated of a previous sex crime. For purposes of this section, a conviction or adjudication includes a verdict or plea of guilty; a verdict or plea of guilty but mentally ill; a plea of nolo contendere; a suspended imposition of sentence granted under § 23A-27-13, regardless of whether it has been discharged; a deferred prosecution agreement entered by a prosecutor; and a determination made in another state, federal jurisdiction, or courts martial that is comparable to any of these events.

Source: SL 2010, ch 119, § 4.

Chapter 22-24B

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