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23A-27A-1      Mitigating and aggravating circumstances considered by judge or jury.
23A-27A-2      Presentence hearing required--Relevant evidence.
23A-27A-3      Jury to determine existence of mitigating or aggravating circumstances--Instructions to jury.
23A-27A-4      Aggravating circumstance and recommendation of death penalty required for Class A felony death sentencing--Life imprisonment--Bench trial or guilty plea.
23A-27A-5      Written designation of aggravating circumstances required.
23A-27A-6      Designation by judge in nonjury cases--At least one aggravating circumstance required for death penalty imposition.
23A-27A-7      Sentence of death--Copies of judgment provided to officials.
23A-27A-8      Accumulation of prior capital felony records by Supreme Court--Staff and methods.
23A-27A-9      Review by Supreme Court required when death penalty imposed--Procedure.
23A-27A-10      Sentence review consolidated with direct appeal--Decision.
23A-27A-11      Procedure on appeal from capital punishment case--Briefs--Oral argument.
23A-27A-12      Factors reviewed by Supreme Court regarding sentence.
23A-27A-13      Reference to similar cases to be included in decision--Death sentence affirmed or set aside--Similar-case records provided to resentencing judge.
23A-27A-14      Life imprisonment when death penalty held unconstitutional.
23A-27A-15      Warrant of death sentence and execution--Time of execution.
23A-27A-16      Delivery of defendant with warrant to penitentiary.
23A-27A-17      Date and time of execution--Warden to make public announcement.
23A-27A-18      Repealed.
23A-27A-19      Investigation by Governor.
23A-27A-20      Reprieve or suspension of sentence by Governor during investigation.
23A-27A-21      Power to reprieve or suspend sentence limited to Governor--Exception.
23A-27A-22      Mental incompetence of defendant--Notice to Governor, secretary of corrections, and sentencing court.
23A-27A-22.1      Hearings and examinations regarding mental competence of defendant--Change in circumstances.
23A-27A-22.2      Psychiatric examination.
23A-27A-22.3      Psychiatric report.
23A-27A-22.4      Video tape record of psychiatric examination.
23A-27A-22.5      Counsel for defendant--Rights afforded at hearing.
23A-27A-23      Repealed.
23A-27A-24      Defendant incompetent to be executed--Suspension of sentence--Confinement--Periodic review.
23A-27A-25      Repealed.
23A-27A-26      Defendant mentally competent to be executed--Warrant of death sentence and execution--Time of execution.
23A-27A-26.1      Death penalty not to be imposed on intellectually disabled person.
23A-27A-26.2      Intellectual disability defined.
23A-27A-26.3      Procedures for determining intellectual disability of defendant.
23A-27A-26.4      Appeal by state.
23A-27A-26.5      Examination of defendant by expert designated by state--Videotaped recording--Defendant's statements inadmissible except as to issue of intellectual disability.

23A-27A-26.6      Applicability of §§ 23A-27A-26.1 to 23A-27A-26.7, inclusive.
23A-27A-26.7      Inseparability of §§ 23A-27A-26.1 to 23A-27A-26.7, inclusive.
23A-27A-27      Pregnancy of defendant--Examination--Report.
23A-27A-28      Suspension of sentence if defendant pregnant.
23A-27A-29      Defendant no longer pregnant--Execution warrant issued.
23A-27A-30      Repealed.
23A-27A-31      Warrant appointing new time for execution issued by sentencing court if defendant not executed within original time period.
23A-27A-31.1      Segregation of defendant from other inmates--Access to defendant by others limited.
23A-27A-31.2      Confidentiality of identity of person or entity supplying or administering intravenous injection substance--Violation as misdemeanor.
23A-27A-32      Place and manner of execution--Qualifications to administer intravenous injection--Substances dispensed to warden without prescription.
23A-27A-32.1      Execution of persons convicted before July 1, 2007--Choice of manner of execution.
23A-27A-33      Place for persons and equipment provided at penitentiary.
23A-27A-34      Attendance at execution by attorney general, sentencing judge, state's attorney, sheriff, representatives of victim, news media, and additional citizens approved by warden.
23A-27A-34.1      Attendance at execution by person trained to pronounce death, corrections staff, and law enforcement officers.
23A-27A-34.2      Witnesses permitted to defendant at execution.
23A-27A-35      Repealed.
23A-27A-36      Other persons not permitted to attend.
23A-27A-37      Secrecy of execution time--Disclosure as misdemeanor.
23A-27A-37.1      Disability of warden--Appointment of deputy or other officer.
23A-27A-37.2      Postmortem examination by county coroner.
23A-27A-37.3      Autopsy.
23A-27A-38      Repealed.
23A-27A-39      Interment of body unless claimed by relative.
23A-27A-40      Repealed.
23A-27A-40.1      Certificate of execution.
23A-27A-41      Repealed.
23A-27A-42      Death penalty prohibited for defendant younger than eighteen when offense committed.
23A-27A-43      Immunity of persons participating and cooperating in execution.
23A-27A-44      Effect of amendment and repeal of sections.

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