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25-5A-24 Written report of counseling--Copy to Department of Social Services.
     25-5A-24.   Written report of counseling--Copy to Department of Social Services. A written report of the counseling shall be submitted directly to the court, and a copy shall be mailed to the Department of Social Services. The report shall contain the following information regarding the birthparent counseled:
             (1)      A statement signed by the birthparent that certifies that each of the points listed in § 25-5A-24 were covered and fully understood;
             (2)      Identifying information of the birthparent, which includes the full name, address, and birth date of the birthparent; a summary of social history of the birthparent; and the reason for relinquishment;
             (3)      The name, address, agency affiliation, or credentials of the social worker;
             (4)      The dates and number of hours that counseling occurred;
             (5)      The total number of hours of counseling;
             (6)      Documentation of the discussion of the topics listed in § 25-5A-23;
             (7)      Documentation of efforts to locate the alleged, legal, or presumed father or birthmother and the cooperation or lack of cooperation of that parent;
             (8)      The cost of the counseling and who has or is expected to pay for the counseling.

Source: SL 1994, ch 197, § 3; SL 1996, ch 165.

Chapter 25-5A

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