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28-13-1      County duty to relieve poor persons--Taxation--Determination of eligibility.
28-13-1.1      "Indigent or poor person" defined--Eligibility standards.
28-13-1.2      Considerations in establishing eligibility standards.
28-13-1.3      Medically indigent person defined.
28-13-1.4      Appeal regarding medical indigence.
28-13-2      Residency acquired for poor relief purposes.
28-13-3      Residency required for assistance--Establishment.
28-13-4      Repealed.
28-13-5      Children's residency.
28-13-6, 28-13-7.      Repealed.
28-13-8      Residency continued until lost by new residency.
28-13-9 to 28-13-11.      Repealed.
28-13-12      Residency not established by state acceptance of application.
28-13-13      Repealed.
28-13-14      Residency not established by residence in health care facility.
28-13-15      Repealed.
28-13-16      County commissioners to have responsibility for care and relief of poor persons.
28-13-16.1      Waiting period imposed at board's discretion while residency investigated.
28-13-16.2      Intentional fraud or deceit to receive assistance.
28-13-17      Proceedings by and against commissioners in name of county.
28-13-18      Record of poor relief payments available in investigation of residency.
28-13-19      Establishment of special emergency county welfare account--Purpose--Deposit and withdrawal of fund--Source of fund.
28-13-20      Services required of applicant--Contract for repayment of assistance.
28-13-20.1      Regular county employees not replaced by poor relief applicants--Maximum hours of work.
28-13-20.2      Refusal to work without just cause--Eligibility for assistance terminated.
28-13-21      County funds expended on federal work relief projects--Agreements with federal agencies--Construction of public buildings not authorized.
28-13-22      Employment of welfare workers to distribute funds and supplies to poor.
28-13-23      Annual allowances to competent poor persons.
28-13-24      Repealed.
28-13-25      Repealed.
28-13-26      Employment of physician to attend poor persons in county--Annual salary--Monthly report by physician.
28-13-27      Hospitalization of poor persons--Definition of terms.
28-13-27.1      Medically necessary hospital services.
28-13-27.2      Cost guidelines for medical and remedial services.
28-13-28      Statement of costs required of hospital caring for indigent persons--Frequency of statements.
28-13-29      Cost governed by statement or amendment--Claim against county not to exceed usual hospital rates.
28-13-30      Approval of statement by secretary--Modification of items in statement.
28-13-31      Continuation of statement in effect until withdrawn or amended--Effective date of amendments--Statements available for inspection.
28-13-32      County commissioners' objections to statements.

28-13-32.1, 28-13-32.2. Repealed.
28-13-32.3      Medical indigency required for poor relief assistance in the event of hospitalization--Application required--Time--Limitation.
28-13-32.4      Submission of application by hospital within one year of discharge--Contents--Additional information not to be required.
28-13-32.5      Determining medical indigence--Annual income guideline.
28-13-32.6      Housing indexes by county.
28-13-32.7      Determining household income--Sources.
28-13-32.8      Household resources.
28-13-32.9      Determination of person's ability to pay--Factors.
28-13-32.10      Indigency by design.
28-13-32.11      Determination of household's ability to purchase health insurance.
28-13-33      County liability for emergency and nonemergency hospitalization of indigent persons--Remedies for recovery of expense by county.
28-13-33.1      Experimental procedures and treatment for medically indigent patient.
28-13-33.2      Billing for care of medically indigent patients.
28-13-34      Repealed.
28-13-34.1      Notice to county where hospitalization is furnished to indigent person--Time for notice of emergency and nonemergency admissions--Contents of notice.
28-13-34.2      Release of information.
28-13-35      Substitute arrangements for hospitalized indigent patient--County not liable to hospital after failure to cooperate.
28-13-36      Contractual arrangements between county and hospital not impaired.
28-13-37      County duty to relieve nonresidents in distress.
28-13-37.1      Medical review by county or Department of Social Services.
28-13-38      Temporary relief to nonresident--Reimbursement by home county.
28-13-38.1      When hospitals outside state are eligible for reimbursement by county.
28-13-39      Repealed.
28-13-40      Appeal to circuit court from county commissioners--Direction for assistance.
28-13-41      Repealed.
28-13-42      Names of recipients not released for publication.
28-13-43      Assignment or transfer of property to qualify for assistance as misdemeanor.
28-13-44      Bankruptcy not admissible in making determination of indigency.

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