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29A-6-101      Definition of terms.
29A-6-102      Application to controversies between parties and between parties and P.O.D.
29A-6-103      Ownership of joint account, P.O.D.
29A-6-104      Rights of survivorship upon death of party to joint account, P.O.D.
29A-6-105      Rights of survivorship determined by form of account at death of party--Alteration of form.
29A-6-106      Effectiveness of transfers--Not considered testamentary.
29A-6-107      Payment to surviving party from multiple-party account--Liability for debts and expenses of administration--Procedure--Liability of financial institution.
29A-6-108      Financial institution as party to multiple-party accounts.
29A-6-109      Payments from joint account to party, personal representative or heirs.
29A-6-110      Payment from trust account to trustee, personal representative, heirs or beneficiary.
29A-6-111      Financial institution discharged from claims--Exception where notice given.
29A-6-112      Right of financial institution to setoff--Amount.
29A-6-113      Provisions deemed nontestamentary--Rights of creditors not limited.
29A-6-114      Payment of P.O.D.



29A-6-301      Definitions.
29A-6-302      Registration in beneficiary form--Sale or joint tenancy ownership.
29A-6-303      Registration in beneficiary form--Applicable law.
29A-6-304      Origination of registration in beneficiary form.
29A-6-305      Form of registration in beneficiary form.
29A-6-306      Effect of registration in beneficiary form.
29A-6-307      Ownership on death of owner.
29A-6-308      Protection of registering entity.
29A-6-309      Nontestamentary transfer on death.
29A-6-310      Terms, conditions, and forms for registration.
29A-6-311      Application of part.


29A-6-401      Short title.
29A-6-402      Definitions.
29A-6-403      Transfer on death deed authorized.
29A-6-404      Nonexclusivity.
29A-6-405      Transfer on death deed revocable.
29A-6-406      Transfer on death deed nontestamentary.
29A-6-407      Capacity of transferor.
29A-6-408      Requirements.
29A-6-409      Notice, delivery, acceptance, consideration not required.
29A-6-410      Revocation by instrument authorized.
29A-6-411      Revocation by more than one transferor.
29A-6-412      Revocation by act not permitted.
29A-6-413      Effect of inter vivos transfer not limited.
29A-6-414      Effect of transfer on death deed during transferor's life.
29A-6-415      Effect of transfer on death deed at transferor's death.
29A-6-416      Beneficiary takes property subject to all interests present at transferor's death.
29A-6-417      Effect of transfer on death deed when transferor is joint owner.
29A-6-418      Transfer on death deed transfers property without covenant or warranty of title.
29A-6-419      Disclaimer.
29A-6-420      Liability for debts and obligations of deceased transferor.
29A-6-421      Action by creditor or personal representative against beneficiary--Time limitations.
29A-6-422      Proof of insufficient other property to satisfy debts and obligations--Presumption.
29A-6-423      Limitation of beneficiary liability.
29A-6-424      More than one transfer on death deed at time of death--Beneficiaries jointly and severally liable to creditors.
29A-6-425      Purchaser for value or lender acquiring security interest in property takes property free of claims.
29A-6-426      Agent may not modify beneficiary designation unless authorized.
29A-6-427      Recording of transfer of deceased owner's property--Affidavit of confirmation.
29A-6-428      Index reference in the record of deeds.
29A-6-429      Falsification of affidavit of confirmation.
29A-6-430      Optional form of transfer on death deed.
29A-6-431      Optional form of revocation.
29A-6-432      Optional form of affidavit of confirmation.
29A-6-433      Uniformity of application and construction.
29A-6-434      Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.
29A-6-435      Applicability of chapter.

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