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31-19-1      Right-of-way and borrow pit--Purchase or condemnation--Proceedings.
31-19-1.1      Acquisition of land to provide for relocation of utility lines and facilities displaced by highway project--Use--Rules.
31-19-1.2      Owner or operator of utility lines or facilities not required to relocate to acquired easement or fee interest in real estate.
31-19-2      Resolution of necessity--Recordation and filing.
31-19-3      Condemnation--Petition--Parties defendant--Contents of petition--Verification.
31-19-4      Pleadings necessary--Interpleader--Compensation only issue.
31-19-5      Omitted defendants--Amendment of petition.
31-19-6      Notice in register of deeds' office--Contents of notice--Effect of notice.
31-19-7      Summons to defendants--Contents--Time for response.
31-19-8      Service of summons--Unknown parties--Publication of summons.
31-19-9      Notice annexed to publication--Contents--Time of publication--Applicability of general rules respecting publication of summons.
31-19-10      Personal service on nonresident defendant.
31-19-10.1      Demand for hearing on question of necessity--Waiver of right to question--Finding of necessity as binding on all persons.
31-19-11      Defaulting defendants--Affidavit of default--Summoning jurors--Procedure for summoning.
31-19-12      Hearing at special term--Rights of defendants--Rules of civil procedure applicable.
31-19-13      Conduct of proceedings--Notice of trial.
31-19-14      Continuance respecting unserved defendants.
31-19-15      View of premises by jury.
31-19-16      Compensation ascertained by jury--Separate verdicts for separate tracts.
31-19-17      Benefits to defendant as affecting compensation.
31-19-18      Return of verdict--Recordation--Judgment--Deposit in favor of nonappearing defendants--Possession of land awarded to state.
31-19-19      Compensation paid out of state highway funds as part of cost of state trunk highway.
31-19-20      Purchase or condemnation of land outside right-of-way--Payment--Procedure.
31-19-20.1      Acquisition of easement or fee interest for relocation of utility line or facilities not evidence in chapter 21-35 action.
31-19-21      Procedure as cumulative--General condemnation rules not impaired.
31-19-22      Repealed.
31-19-23      Procedure to effect immediate taking--Declaration of taking--Contents of declaration.
31-19-24      Title vesting in state or municipality--Right to compensation vesting in owner--Effective date.
31-19-25      Time for surrender of possession--Notice to nonappearing defendants--Order of possession--Notice and hearing--Power of court.
31-19-26      Service of declaration of taking--Registered or certified mail.
31-19-27      Parties omitted from declaration of taking--Amendment--Amendment as not deferring effect of declaration.
31-19-28      Court deposit of money required for taking--Expediting distribution of money.
31-19-29      Payment of moneys on deposit--Payment of additional moneys after award is made.
31-19-30      Payment to owner--Receipt by owner--Contents of receipt.
31-19-31      Priority of proceedings to determine just compensation.
31-19-32      Right to jury trial--Waiver--Placing cause on calendar without notice.
31-19-33      Trial on question of just compensation--Judgment--Interest on award--Interest on amounts already deposited in court.
31-19-34      Compensation exceeding amounts already distributed--Judgment for deficiency--Compensation for less than amount already distributed--Judgment against defendant.
31-19-35      Prohibition against abandoning condemnation proceeding.
31-19-36      Expenditure of public funds on condemned land before final judgment--Opinion of attorney general respecting title.
31-19-37      Stipulation by attorney general excluding parts of condemned property--Municipal attorney to act for municipality.
31-19-38      Appeal as not delaying proceeding.
31-19-39      Repealed.
31-19-40      Procedure as cumulative.
31-19-41      Repealed.
31-19-41.1      Uneconomic remnant from land acquisition by county or first or second class municipality.
31-19-42      Acquisition of fee ownership in real estate where uneconomic remnants of land would result or severance damages would be less economical.
31-19-43      Title to land.
31-19-44      Lease of non-right-of-way property.
31-19-45      Sale of non-right-of-way property.
31-19-46      Exchange of non-right-of-way property.
31-19-47      Owner's agreement with state relinquishing possession pending determination of damages--Interest pending payment of damages--Tender of payment.
31-19-48      Tender of estimated compensation--Landowner's rights unaffected by tender or acceptance.
31-19-49      Financial assistance to persons displaced by highway acquisition.
31-19-49.1      Financial assistance when federal funds are unavailable.
31-19-50 to 31-19-55. Repealed.
31-19-56 to 31-19-59.      Repealed.
31-19-60      Lands no longer needed--Reversion of condemned lands--Sale of lands acquired by gift, devise or purchase--Purchase by abutting landowner--Right of use by utility.
31-19-61, 31-19-62.      Repealed.
31-19-63      Transfer of right-of-way between state and political subdivisions.
31-19-63.1      Transfer of right-of-way to federal government or Indian tribe.
31-19-64      Order or resolution to transfer right-of-way--Conveyance--Effect.
31-19-65      Functional replacement of real property in public ownership.

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