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31-29-1      Billboards near cemetery--Violation as misdemeanor.
31-29-2      Obstruction of highway or to vision--Violation as misdemeanor.
31-29-3      Superseded.
31-29-4 to 31-29-7.      Repealed.
31-29-8      Repealed.
31-29-9 to 31-29-11.      Repealed.
31-29-12      Rest areas and facilities--Commercial accommodations prohibited.
31-29-13      Interest in land acquired--Acquisition by gift, purchase, exchange, or condemnation.
31-29-14      Repealed.
31-29-15      Repealed.
31-29-16 to 31-29-23.      Repealed.
31-29-24, 31-29-25.      Repealed.
31-29-26      Repealed.
31-29-27, 31-29-28.      Repealed.
31-29-29, 31-29-30.      Repealed.
31-29-31 to 31-29-38.      Repealed.
31-29-39 to 31-29-41.1.      Repealed.
31-29-42      Repealed.
31-29-43 to 31-29-48.      Repealed.
31-29-49      Repealed.
31-29-50 to 31-29-58.      Repealed.
31-29-59      Maps, directories, and pamphlets at rest areas--Information centers.
31-29-60      Compensation for removal of nonconforming signs--Federal contributions.
31-29-61      Legislative policy on outdoor advertising along interstate and primary highways.
31-29-62      Definition of terms.
31-29-63      Advertising prohibited within specified distances of main-traveled way--Exceptions.
31-29-63.1      Notice to owner to remove nonconforming sign--Removal by department at owner's expense.
31-29-63.2      Abandoned sign--Determination.
31-29-63.3      "Available for lease" and public service messages.
31-29-63.4      On-premise signs.
31-29-64      Advertising prohibited within certain distance of interstate or limited access highway interchanges, intersections at grade, or rest areas--Measurement.
31-29-65      Size standards and criteria.
31-29-66      Lighting standards and criteria.
31-29-67      Spacing standards and criteria.
31-29-67.1      Maintenance of signs.
31-29-68      Local zoning authority's determination in lieu of size, lighting, and space controls.
31-29-69      Blanket prohibition by local authority not authorized--Reasonableness required.
31-29-70      Unzoned commercial or industrial area defined--Measurements--Designation terminated after cessation of commercial or industrial activity.

31-29-71      Permit required to maintain sign--Sign without permit as nuisance--Abatement.
31-29-71.1      Fee for permit--Exception.
31-29-71.2      Duration of permit--Renewal--Fee in lieu of property tax.
31-29-71.3      Disposition of fee revenue.
31-29-71.4      Certain signs exempt from permit requirement.
31-29-71.5      Municipal signs exempt from permit requirement.
31-29-71.6      Conforming permit.
31-29-71.7      Nonconforming permit.
31-29-71.8      Criteria for outdoor advertising--Zoned commercial adjacent to interstate system outside municipality.
31-29-71.9      Criteria for outdoor advertising--Zoned commercial in quadrant of interstate interchange with no service road.
31-29-71.10      Criteria for outdoor advertising--Zoned commercial in quadrant of interstate interchange with service road.
31-29-71.11      Criteria for outdoor advertising--Zoned commercial adjacent to interstate with municipality.
31-29-71.12      Criteria for outdoor advertising--Zoned commercial adjacent to primary system.
31-29-71.13      Commercial or industrial activity.
31-29-71.14      Applications for permits--Forms provided.
31-29-72      Acquisition of nonconforming signs--Compensation required--Removal not required unless necessary funds available and compensation paid.
31-29-72.1      Repealed.
31-29-72.2      Priority in removal of advertising.
31-29-73      Takings requiring compensation.
31-29-73.1      Highway fund used to pay for signs removed.
31-29-74      Repealed.
31-29-75      Removal or valuation by amortization schedule prohibited--Owners of signs and property guaranteed just compensation.
31-29-76 to 31-29-79.      Repealed.
31-29-80      Repealed.
31-29-80.1      Directional sign program.
31-29-80.2      Funding of directional sign program.
31-29-80.3      Standards for directional signs submitted to federal government--Rules.
31-29-80.4      Procedure for authorizing directional signs--Compliance with rules.
31-29-80.5      Attraction defined.
31-29-81      Repealed.
31-29-82      Repair of sign permitted until actual removal--Maximum expenditure.
31-29-83      Commercial activities in rest areas or information centers prohibited--Exception.
31-29-84 to 31-29-87.      Repealed.

Title 31
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