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32-15-35 Definitions--Aftermarket crash parts.
     32-15-35.   Definitions--Aftermarket crash parts. Terms used in § 32-15-36 mean:
             (1)      "Aftermarket crash part," a replacement for any of the nonmechanical sheet metal or plastic parts which generally constitute the exterior of a motor vehicle, including inner and outer panels;
             (2)      "Installer," an individual who actually does the work of replacing or repairing parts of a motor vehicle;
             (3)      "Insurer," an insurance company and any person authorized to represent the insurer with respect to a claim;
             (4)      "Nonoriginal equipment manufacturer (Non-OEM) aftermarket crash part," aftermarket crash parts not made for or by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle;
             (5)      "Repair facility," any motor vehicle dealer, garage, body shop, or other commercial entity which undertakes the repair or replacement of those parts that generally constitute the exterior of a motor vehicle.

Source: SL 1990, ch 408, § 1.

Chapter 32-15

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